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Join Hands Together for a Better World Rakesh Yoga School Welcomes You

Everyone dreams of a better life, a peaceful home and above all of that a better world for our children. Though all of us try to work to achieve our dreams but we usually adopt the wrong way of attaining them. From building the society we think that constructing roads, fly overs and huge buildings is all that is required. But unfortunately, this is not the way of creating a better world for our next generations. A better world is created by adopting ethics, respecting the moral values not only transforming the outer look of our world but to transform ourselves from inside. By bringing out the purest and the most honest form of a personality.

Society is made by individuals, by all of us living together. We should purify our self and should throw out all kind of negative trash from our minds. Every one of us should welcome the life with a positive approach. Always remember that only positivity can bring about dynamic changes in society.If you want to be a society developer, you should be an optimistic person with maximum potential only then you can give some benefit to your society

Healthy Brains are a Nation’s Pillars

A dull and unhealthy brain can never build any nation. The direct way to get a healthy brain is through attaining good health, and if one says that how to get a healthy brain I, Rajesh Ranjan personally recommend that Yoga is the most authenticated way of achieving better health and a healthy mind. I am a yogi with 3rd generation of Ashtanga yoga and have spent decades of my life in search of peace of mind and harmony which I finally found in yoga. To deliver my message of peace and tranquility, I decided to establish my own school of yoga training in order to place my first step as a benchmark to avail my dream of a better society. I want to train the new generation so that they can become the right kind of individuals who are required to build up a nation. A healthy brain, moral upbringing from parents and quality education from educational institutions can collectively make up a prosperous society. To achieve this purpose all of us have to contribute at our level. We should do our best and to build up our next generation mentally, physically and spiritually and I found yoga as the best source of achieving all these three dimensions of life.

Purpose of Yoga Training

Yoga is the direct linkage of a human body to its spiritual life. It is the basic source of extracting the best out of a person. A minor yoga exercises are a way to live a peaceful and contented life. Usually, none of us is aware of the spiritual dimensions of life and are also quite arrogant about the effect of these spiritual powers and their strengths. Being a yogi and after dedicating my whole life for yoga I can confidently admit that spiritualism is the direct and most effective source of developing a very balanced personality. A personality that is necessary for the building of a nation.

God has blessed us with the gift of life and we should not ruin this blessing in running after the materialistic things. We should use our lives for the well- being of this society.So, I will offer every one of you to let’s get involved and join your hands together to safe guard our homeland from all kind of external threats. Become a moderator in the way of prospering your country, let all of us practice yoga so that we can find the most purified form of ourselves and pay all our strengths and potentials to develop a healthy and prospering society.

I welcome all of those who are in search of the real purpose behind their creation because I believe in the fact that man is not created just to eat, sleep and relax. There must be a huge purpose behind our creation so let us explore the best out of us and pay our tribute to the creator of this universe.

Let’s join together and practice yoga, the only way to flush out all the impurities and negativities of nature and become a beneficial individual of this society. Get registered with the short weekly and long yoga and meditation classes at Rakesh Yoga School and contribute a little to our society. Because we believe that we can prosper and cherish this world only if we decide to work for it on an individual basis. Do not wait for others to play their part, just volunteer and accept the challenge of improving this world.

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