5 Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Effectively

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Yoga dates back to pre-Vedic Indian tradition and is considered a powerhouse for channelizing your inner energy. At that time, yoga was performed to bring spiritual enlightenment and a sense balance between mind, body, and soul.

But, in the 21st century, yoga has become more of a workout that people are taking over to lead a healthy and peaceful life. Different people have a different take on the benefits of yoga, but, yoga and its benefit in losing weight have always remained under scrutiny.

However, the truth is, yoga when performed on a regular basis can be a great way to shed those extra kilos. Yoga poses to lose weight remain light on your joints. Thus any person of any age can perform them with much ease. Though if a person is suffering from any pre-condition of joint or back pain, then it is advisable to perform yoga poses for weight loss under supervision.

Here are the five fab yoga poses that can burn your excess fat efficiently

1.  Kapal Bhati Pranayam

KapalBhati pranayama is the best way to begin your yoga exercises for weight loss. The powerful breathing exercise helps in oxygenating your body. It also strengthens the muscles around the stomach and abdomen, thus promoting fitter abs. If you are aspiring to have a flat tummy, then kapalbhati can be an excellent start as it will melt away your love handles while bringing improvements to your digestion process as well. Caution: many people experience soreness around the abdomen area initially, so do not get worried about it. Patients suffering from a hernia, high blood pressure or any heart disorder should avoid performing this asana.

2. ArdhaMatsyendrasana – Half Spine Twist

ArdhaMatsyendrasana is considered beneficial for increasing the capacity of your lungs. Strong lungs allow you to inhale and hold more oxygen while practicing yoga. The stretch that your body experiences while performing ardhamatsyendrasana helps in toning abdominal and thigh muscles. This asana stimulates the digestive system thus improving digestion of food that aids in effective weight loss.

Caution: Any one suffering from health conditions like back pain or spine injury should not perform this pose as it might aggravate their problem.

3. Kumbhakasana – Plank Pose

If you want to tone and strengthen your arms, then Kumbhakasana is the best choice. It also works wonders for your shoulders, back buttocks, abs, and thighs. This asana can be your complete body workout for weight loss if performed correctly.

Caution: If you have persistent shoulder pain or injury then you must avoid performing this asana. Patients suffering from high blood pressure are also advised to avoid doing this pose.

4. Uttanasana – Forward Bending Pose

If you want to put pressure and lose fat from your hamstrings and abdomen, then uttanasana is all you need to perform every day. Correct formation of this asana also improves blood circulation in your head and helps your nervous system to switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic. Uttanasan also makes your body calm and relaxed.

Caution: People suffering from back pain or injury are not advised to perform this asana.

5. Vasisthasana – Sage Pose

Vasishtasana is especially beneficial in improving balance and flexibility to a great extent. Correct formation of this pose works on your core muscles, arms and shoulders that help in melting down extra fat.

Caution: People who have gone through any wrist, elbow or shoulder injury should avoid performing this asana as it may aggravate their pain.

If you are new to yoga for weight loss, then these yoga poses can give you a great start that you are looking for. They are easy to perform, and once you are comfortable doing these, you can move to more challenging asanas. Performing yoga on a daily basis will not only help in cutting the flab but will also bring you peace of mind.

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