7 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be A Part Of Your Everyday Life

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Yoga is considered the oldest form of workout known to humankind and it has been in practice for thousands of years. Oriental science found out hundreds of yogic postures that can bless you with a healthy life in more ways than you can think of. It is quite a fact that there is yoga for any problem that you can think of. From curing hair fall to treating depression and lack of concentration or giving you a well-toned figure, all you need is daily yoga.


Here are 7 solid reasons why yoga must find a place in your daily routine.


It keeps you as hale and hearty as a horse

Are you suffering from an array of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, constipation, asthma and so on? One way to keep fit and healthy is to try daily yoga.

  • It not only cures all these ailments but also keeps premature diseases at bay and gives you an overall healthy physique.
  • It also cures problems like chronic gastric diseases, acidity, lack of appetite and insomnia which almost everybody suffers on a daily basis these days.
  • It improves blood circulation throughout the body and promotes good bone health.
  • Daily stress can be doing much harm to your muscles and immunity than you can imagine. Daily yoga takes care of that as well. It cuts down the levels of stress and makes your postures correct and body more flexible.
  • This helps to relieve arthritis, spondylitis problems, and back pain that comes from too much of work, stress and incorrect postures throughout the day.
  • Thus, yoga gives you both strong muscles, flexibility and overall, a healthy body.

Bye bye to hair fall and premature greying

There are yogas like Shirshasana or headstand or Balayam Yoga and Anulom Vilom which can actually help in preventing hair loss and premature greying of hair. It takes care of blood circulation in your hair follicles which not only makes the roots of your hair stronger but also promotes new hair growth to increase hair length and volume. So, if you are too stressed out about losing a lot of strands every time you comb, just cut out the stress and try some yoga.


Emotional Booster

Daily yoga cuts down on toxic stress levels and keeps you light and cheerful. It reduces negative feelings and energies and fills you with positive vibes always. This helps you to deal with your depression and anger and have a great mood all day long. You can feel cheerful enough to spend time with your loved ones even at the end of the day if your stress and fatigue find their outlet through yoga. It keeps you energetic and gives you peace of mind all the time.


Increases focus and concentration in work

If you have been suffering from lack of concentration and a constant feeling of jitteriness at work or studies, yoga can seriously be of great help. It is often seen that we are unable to concentrate on the work at hand and suffer from lack of desire to work and it gets very hard to focus and analyze. Yoga and meditation daily make you calmer and positive. It increases your span of attention and levels of focus and concentration. You can see the difference in a day or two when you feel more focused in life. It gets you less distracted by other thoughts and increases your ability to recall information easily.


Spice up the romance with virility

Many couples often complain of lack of sexual energy and drives leading to complications in relationships. Increasing stress levels, alcohol and lack of exercises lead to dullness and lack of sex drives in both men and women. Yoga can spice up some romance in your life by increasing stamina, virility and flexibility. It makes the hormones flow regularly through the body and heightens the stimulation of the brain and sensitivity of the body which gives you better sex drives.


High chances of fertility

Yoga increases fertility in both males and females. Stress and improper lifestyle have decreased the rates of conceiving among couples and yoga is one of the suggested solutions to this problem. Other than cutting down on stress it helps to normalize the flow of blood to the reproductive organs making them function well and also ensures the free flow of hormones in the body.


The perfect figure

If hours at the gym haven’t been able to give you the right kind of figure or you are too lazy to work out at the gym, yoga can be your fitness mantra to get the dream perfect figure. Just know the types of yoga meant for each part of the body you want to shape and there you go. With proper asanas, you can achieve stronger muscles, flat belly, toned legs and much more than that.




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