7 yoga types which heal you from inside!

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November 26, 2017
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Yoga – as people know it is a very different approach to fitness and wellness. Sports people, runners, and even fitness enthusiasts try to include a little bit of Yoga into their routine to manifest a stronger muscle system and develop strong spine which doesn’t get injured easily.

As much as Yoga can prove to be useful for your weight loss, strength training and body shaping, it is also a way to delete stress, heal one inside out and even get through diseases which medicines fail to address. The ways of Yoga are mysterious but always finds the path to curb out your inner peace and make your more aware of your mind and soul.


Unlike the fitness yoga, the healing yoga focuses more on the thoughts and feeling that comes from you. And therefore, there are several types of Yoga which exclusively help in addressing the tension inside you and heal it naturally. Pick from the 7 yoga types which heal you from inside.

  1. Anusara Yoga

Purest, relaxing and definitely liberating – Anusara Yoga is a practice that would bring you closer to your desires. This is one of the oldest forms of Yoga which helps you in expressing what you feel. The focus is more on the thoughts and expression rather than the fitness side. With Anusara Yoga, you are made to be more heartfelt and accepting in nature. You shall experience the very being of yourself and start accepting things around you in their natural state. Bringing you to peace this heals your stress, complexities, insecurities and more.


  1. Kripalu Yoga

Every form of yoga includes some set structure of poses which are to be practiced so that you learnt to mold your body according to your will. But more importantly when you start practicing a yoga that heals it makes your mold your thoughts too. Kripalu Yoga focuses on three-step teaching process i.e.

  • Learning how your body works – ordering and forming postures
  • Moving your body and mind according to your will
  • Meditate

The three-step process works in making you aware of yourself, think yourself the way you want and meditate to let the thought sink in. Great for instilling discipline, making you learn and get over things!


  1. Kundalini Yoga

This Yoga has to be one of the most powerful ways of throwing out stress from your life and feeling peace. This practice consists of fast-paced movements from one pose to another which are structured as so that they liberate your energy, make you tired and sweaty and bring out all the obnoxious thoughts out in the open. What you are left with is a relaxed mind and body which throws out all the venom and is now pure from inside. Needless to say, it makes you a more positive person with more acceptance and peace.


  1. Restorative Yoga

This is one of the most relaxing, less strenuous forms of yoga which heals you gently. With sessions which consist of 4-5 yogic poses and a lot of relaxed meditation, this is one of the forms of psychic cleansing. With resting position, scented candles and relaxed music around you are made to sink deep into yourself but not sleep to find the best relaxation possible. The mind relaxes its best and you are able to unleash all the stress, tension and relax your way out.


  1. Yin Yoga

This Yoga works on the basis of the Chinese teaching Yin and Yang. The fact that the good and evil exist together, the yoga helps you focus on the good and accept the bad. The simple posture or the practice is also called Taoist Yoga. The nature of the poses is very relaxed and instills patience. Here you shall be able to learn patience, stay calm and make peace with your thoughts. The practice of this yoga makes you a calmer person.


  1. Tantra Yoga

When it comes to connections, the Tantra Yoga is a form of practice which makes two souls union while practicing yoga. It builds emotional and spiritual connection between two people while healing them from inside.


  1. Jivamukti Yoga

A yoga schedule which combines the physical format with spiritual thinking and brings in positive thoughts! The Jivamukti Yoga includes chanting, practicing spirituality and even referring to the Sanskrit scriptures which makes your empowered from inside. For pushing your limits and achieving fitness, peace and empowerment this is a form of yoga you can rely on!

While yoga can instill fitness, flexibility and strength to your body – it can make your mind relaxed, soul free and develop peace within! It is upon the type of Yoga that you choose for yourself that you are able to heal inside out and develop a better life for yourself – a life which feels happy!

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