A beginner’s guide to teaching yoga!

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November 25, 2017
Preparing Yourself to become a Yoga Student
November 25, 2017

Somewhere between getting up late on the weekends to looking up for the Sundays when you can dedicate more time to Yoga – the fascination took you away from the regular life. Yoga, as empowering it is, definitely made you fall in love with yourself. Slowly your conversations, plans and even daily schedules revolve around yoga and this is exactly the time when you think of taking Yoga seriously!


As Yoga makes you aware of yourself, it is predicted that you shall think of taking it to level pro and consider being a Yoga Teacher for a career. You enroll yourself for the course, get certified and there you are – A certified Yoga Teacher.


All was well until now, but things might not be the same from here. Welcome to the other side!

Being a Yoga Teacher has its own challenges, frustrations, and fights which need to be fought with vigor. Teaching Yoga might seem like the plan, but here is what you shall face and ideas of coming into terms with it – the beginner’s guide!

  1. Bye-Bye 9-5, welcome 24*7

Of course, being a yoga teacher means you bid goodbye to the deadly 8 hours cubicle time. But the real challenge meets when you have a schedule which is unpredictable sometimes. You have to run your regular morning classes which shall be somewhere from 5:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. and in the evening slots too. Then you would rush for private classes, promotions of your yoga class and even sometimes to see new clients. The struggle to keep up with the time is real!


  1. Struggling for your own practice

This is the biggest struggle that each of the Yoga teachers comes through. After having worked with the students and getting into many poses for about 3-4 times a day, your body shall be too tired to give time to your own practice. After all who would want to practice their own set after having worked 5-6 sets of yoga in a day! As tempting the sofa would feel like, the own practicing is way too important to be done.

For someone who is beginning to teach yoga, it is important to not miss out on their own yoga practice each day. Dedicate no less than 20 minutes to YOUR yoga practice daily.


  1. Strength of students

Only if getting Yoga teaching certificate could bring a bunch of students running to your class! But no! Finding students for teaching Yoga can be a nerve-wrenching task for beginners. And to be honest, you won’t be able to manage your finance until you are dealing with a good strength of students in your class. The struggle is going to be tough when you approach clubs, communities, group of people into joining a yoga class and give them the satisfactory service they demand.


  1. Teaching yoga to the class

As you are a new Yoga Teacher addressing a good strength of students in a class is bound to make you nervous too. As much you would know the art and your poses right, it would take huge confidence and strength to start being of service to others. You shall be nervous and skeptical but this is just the beginner’s phase. After addressing a few classes, you shall start getting at ease with new faces and reactions – and this is where your journey begins!


  1. Does not pay in the beginning!

If you have just started out then one thing is for sure – you are going to struggle for money! The limited number of irregular people to your Yoga class is not going to earn you the right money to deal with your expenses. Therefore, it is important to keep an alternate source of money along till your teaching classes start fetching you the right amount of money for support. We would recommend keeping your day job and focus on morning or evening classes till you gain a certain fame and dedicated people to practice yoga with you!


  1. Get creative with your own style!

Of course, Yoga is your own expression of art now! The mechanism with which you teach, the thought that you preach, the style of teaching shall have your own influence and this is what is going to keep the students excited about. While you can do nothing about the poses, you can certainly bring a personal touch through the way you communicate the art. Express your own individuality through Yoga – as this would be the most attractive feature of your class.

Teaching yoga by a yoga teacher who is just starting out can be a tough journey, but if you are dedicated and have a hunger for the art – you shall be able to curb out your own way. Stick to your individuality and work on your art well to secure yourself a good career as a yoga teacher!


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