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A First Step towards the Betterment of Society

This is Rajesh Ranjan, Yog Guru at Rakesh Yoga School Goa, India. I take the opportunity before the readers that how I made my dream and passion of spreading love and harmony among people come true through this school.

About Rakesh Yoga School

Rakesh Yoga School is locatedaway from the hassle of life, there is a calm and quite place in the captivating and mesmerizing beauty place, a heaven on earth, Goa. This accredited institute was established decades back with a prominent aim to elevate your personality towards the higher level of perfection. We are the motivators, boosters of people’s wellbeing as we have promised to enhance the life standards of our fellow beings through yoga training.

Our Mission

We provide a life changing yoga retreat for those who are in search of purity and divine tranquility. We proudly claim that yoga is the best source of extracting out the purity inside you. I myself is practicing yoga at the 3rd generation of Ashtanga Yoga and I assure you that only yoga is your lifetime companion that can bring a peace of mind and soulto you.

At Rakesh Yoga School, we are driven by the desire to facilitate our students with all the opportunities that yoga can bring for them through foundational and advanced yoga training.

Why to Join a Yoga Training School?

Yoga has been proved as the most authentic source of developing a dazzlingly healthy body and soul. Though everyone can practice and learn yoga at its own with the help of different books or internet but the actual way of learning yoga is to get registered with a well reputed yoga school.

The reason behind learning yoga training through a school is that only an experienced yoga guru can teach his students the actual sequence of practicing different yoga levels because following yoga techniques with the actual level can only help to revive the fullest potential of the yogi and upgrade it. The yoga trainers try to elevate the spiritual, physical and psychological levels of the yogi.

Rakesh Yoga School- A Name of Devotion and Perseverance

Rakesh Yoga School welcomes people across the world who have a perpetual thirst for learning, who are interested in conscious self-development. We offer all the people to come during their vacations and join our school because Through our specialized yoga courses we want to overcome all the above mentioned goals and develop healthy brains and bodies for our country because the future of any country depends upon the healthy youth of that country.

Mission of Rakesh Yoga School

The owner and management of Rakesh Yoga School is running this institute with a clear vision. Their aim is not only to teach different techniques of yoga to the learners but to teach beyond the physical aspects of yoga and meditation. Our trainers will love to teach their students to search for the truth, philosophy, mentality and spirituality that cover yoga.

Our teachers strive to treat the scars in the soul of those who are living a stressed and depressed life through their specialized yoga therapy. They want to spread harmony and serenity through these yoga therapies. Our yoga gurus have strived their lives to deliver their experience and alleviate stresses from the life of their trainees. Rakesh Yoga School offers specialized yoga courses that comprise of specific time period usually of six months.

Besides regular courses and classes, Rakesh Yoga School also conducts monthly workshops for those who cannot spare time from their busy life routine for a regular six month course. During these workshops, expert yoga gurus across the world are also invited to share their experience with the trainees. They deliver their experienced insight and unique knowledge that they gathered during their search for peace and calmness through meditation in their students.

Our Passionate Yoga Gurus

Rakesh Yoga School is the place we call a home to some of the most influential yogis, who once entered there in search of amity and transparency and have transformed into the most purified and nurtured personalities. These are the competent and passionate yogis who have devoted their lives for a specific mission. A mission to rejuvenate themselves as well as lives of all others who want to switch from a depressed, dull and impure soul to the most refined one.

Yogi Namito and Guru Rajesh Ranjan are the personalities who have left behind worldly life to follow a spiritual path just to make their dream of providing divine peace of life to people come true. The basic purpose of their yoga teaching is to motivate their followers to serve humanity, spread love and purify their inner-self through realizing the truths and meditating.

Guru Rajesh Ranjanis very compassionate to deliver his learnings to the next generation, to those who are in darkness and want some heavenly light to come out of this stressful and depressed life. Besides Guru Rajesh and Namito, we have many other experienced teachers who will teach the basic philosophies of yoga and will make the trainees to develop a sustainable yoga practice while keeping their ultimate passion for yoga alive.

Core Values of Yoga Teaching

Our award winning teachers always love to deliver their experience and learning to those who want to change their life and enlighten it with the heavenly light of spiritualism. The basic purpose behind their yoga teaching is to develop the under mentioned core values of yoga in their students.

  • Developing a Healthy Body
  • Provide clean catharsis of mind
  • Bring Optimism
  • Establishes Imbalance
  • Detoxification of Body
  • Improving general health
  • Propagate the reality of spiritualism
  • To teach with passion and to fulfill the insatiable appetite of knowledge in leaners.

Our Specialized Training Program

I believe in teaching and learning not only through a particular curriculum or credit hours of practice but by developing a strong bond of understanding and friendship between the teacher and students. We have created an environment of quirkiness, contribution, sharing, friendship and above all an atmosphere of devotion and belonging. At our school each and every student feels connected with his/her fellow mate emotionally and spiritually.

We offer multiple kind of courses from specific hour’s foundation training to advanced areas of focus and specialization in particular field. Our academic as well as practical education is designed to illuminate the ultimate connection of humanity with nature.

At Rakesh Yoga School, students enter as learners and leave this place as the fervent and zealous teachers. Our training programs are comprehensive enough to satisfy the hunger of those who are in search of enlightenment and empowerment. We admit that yoga is the most amazing power which can transform one’s life and over yoga courses are prepared with the best of effort to enhance the student’s spiritual and mental powers.

We guarantee you that the transformative practices of yoga which you will learn at Rakesh Yoga School will modify your life and will integrate confidence, compliance, creativity and competence in you.

So, do not hesitate, come and join the regular classes of Rakesh Yoga School if you want to reborn with an optimistic and prospering personality.

Yours Sincerely,

Rakesh Ranjan