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There are many Myths and facts associated with this beautiful feminine yoga form and its basic fundamentals of practice. This form basically focuses on Pranayama in its practices. Here are a few myths which are mistaken as facts.

The famous Power Yoga Myth

Don’t be surprised there are many who believe that Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga is the same, however, according to famous yoga gurus of India it is the wrongest part for which most of the yoga lovers fall to trap. They are presented with a complete package of power packed ‘yoga workout’ in their gyms. However, the true story is this that Power yoga has nothing to do with ‘Ashtanga Yoga’. The entire system is practiced with less power play and more solitude.

It’s a job for the fit and flexible

The correct answer to this one is a big ‘NO’ according to many great ‘Yoga Gurus’ Ashtanga Yoga can be practiced by old, young, very old sick and even the sickest person. Ashtanga Yoga works as a cure and fitness therapy both. All those who want to practice can practice without an ounce of doubt in their heart. Also, please remember that before being anything it is a breathing practice. So if you can breathe you can do it. Of course, your body will be folded in many positions but it is still a breathing practice.

The more positions you do the better the result goes

Again the answer to that also never changes, it remains same as above. There is nothing hidden in the positions. All you have to do is follow the meditation properly and make sure that you follow the yoga guru’s instructions properly. Always remember, yoga is all about the journey and not about the destinations you covered.

AshtangaYoga is the hardest form of them all

The answer to this one is ‘Yes’ but with a ‘No’ for ‘HARDEST’, yes there might be some positions which you may find harder to do in your initial days. And ‘NO’ there is no such thing as the hardest form of yoga. In Ashtanga yoga, there are many series in which a yogi has to indulge one by one. Level by level the poses and postures are taught so it may look harder for all but eventually you will do it one by one to complete it then it might be different. This myth is actually a result of those one-hour fitness challenges quoted by various organizations in the name of yoga.

You might get injured

Of course ‘YES’ we are at risk of injury while walking as well but if you think that you will end up breaking your head while the Ashtanga Yoga then you’re heavily mistaken. Those who start doing Ashtanga yoga and do it regularly they began to feel muscular pain in their body. It is not due to a fracture but in fact due to the workouts. Those who have done weight training for the first time may relate to it well. Please remember that not all pains are to be taken as injury.

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