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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017

Getting into the habit of practicing yoga is not simple at first. Younger generations have become impatient and hence calmly sitting at one place gets really difficult for them. But every good habit has a difficult start hence, making yoga one of the good habits for your health as well as for your mind is extremely important. Let’s discuss six steps by which you can be your best and practice yoga without a buffer.

  1. Home practice before classes

It’s very easy to just join a yoga class, but it becomes very difficult to keep a tab on it. Hence starting from home is better than rushing to pay for the class. Work out your needs and get a list of yoga beneficial for your needs. Start with simpler ones for easy habit formation. Going to classes is really beneficial but for real insight practicing at home is the best option.

  1. Time management

It is crucial to understand that habits won’t form overnight. You need to strive and have perseverance for it. Hence, initially keep 5-10 minutes for your yoga every day and as time passes by, increase your time limit by 5 minutes every week. You will eventually reach for 1 hour per day time limit with daily practice and increment.

  1. Set your goals

The best reason to start a yoga practice is that you don’t need to spend a hefty sum to do it. All you need to do is set your goals clear, get a daily practice of only one set of yoga gradually widening your niche with time. This step includes:

  • Get realistic goals and don’t overestimate your limit from the start
  • Begin with the basics at start and expand as you grow
  • Build your yoga that would best meet your individual needs
  1. Create your environment

Create or choose a quiet, uncluttered space for your yoga practice, and stock it with the bare essentials — Blanket, mat, blocks, bolster, strap, etc. The space should be open, airy and should face north or east. The space need not be large, but it should be clean, quiet, open, and sacred. For best result try practicing yoga in open balconies during the morning time. The sun rays will be able to rejuvenate your body, and in your house, you shall be able to get some privacy as well. Alight, soothing music can be of great help to keep your mind at peace.

  1. From meditation to asana

Do not jump directly to complicated yoga practices without proper meditation. The meditation serves as the initial stage of yoga therapy. Hence meditation should be followed by Asanas. Meditation will keep your mind at peace which will help you practice asana without breaking your concentration. As they say “mind and body.” Concentrate on your breathing for initial 5-10 minutes before heading out for yoga stance.

  1. “Surya Namaskara”- the ultimate yoga for Beginners

Sun salutations are effective as well as a time-saving way of practicing yoga as they constitute various poses that involve movements in different parts of the body. Sun salutes, or SuryaNamaskaris commonly done as a warm-up, followed by poses such as standing and ending with twists, forward bends, and restorative poses.

It is never easy to do something initially. But practice is what makes you perfect over the time. You don’t need any external source to get the best out of you. With a little motivation, a good environment, soothing music and considering all the steps above, you can practice yoga and master it without any external help.

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