Become A Zen Master By Practicing Yoga

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October 2, 2017
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October 2, 2017

Becoming a Zen master is not easy. Yoga and Zen are somewhat related, and one might conclude that because they both are very similar. Meditation is the most important factor in both of them.

The truth is that Zen has a different meaning to different people. But to put it in simpler words, Zen is a state of focus, observation, and absorption. If you desire to be a Zen master, you need to be in the zone. And yoga is the best way to practice that. You must look inside of mind to understand it, and the “zone” is necessary for that.

Following are some ways to make some improvements in becoming a Zen master with doing yoga. This list is about how can we make changes in our daily yoga to achieve our goal.

Find a Place for Practicing Meditation:

If you are a newcomer, it is imperative to find a conducive place for meditation. Meaning that you have to find a place where you are not disturbed easily. The place where noise, people, and distractions will not be able to reach you. That is when you can focus on the inner side. Otherwise, you will be focused on what is going on the inside. It is also possible for some people to meditate in harsh and disturbing environments as well, but only practice can make that happen. When you have control over your body, you can even meditate in a noisy environment as well.

Be comfortable: It is crucial that you feel comfortable during your meditation. The most important thing is to find the suitable clothing for yourself. Something that will not itch or distract you in any way during your meditation.

The second most important thing is to find that perfect sitting position. You cannot meditate when you are not sitting properly. The best position is to sit on your legs, no matter where you are sitting, keep your back straight, but not rigid. The goal is to be aware of your body, not to make your self-uncomfortable. Place your arms on your lap comfortably. Do not worry if the pose/position makes you feel awkward, it is supposed to if you are a beginner, but after some time you will start to feel natural and comfortable.

Thoughts are not distractions:

You should know that having a blank mind is not a requirement of yoga or meditation. The goal here is not to have an empty mind; the goal is to reduce the thoughts and distinguish between random and necessary thoughts. The goal is to eliminate mindless thoughts that create chaos in our minds, thoughts that bring anxiety and confusion in our mind. Meditation is about calming your mind so you can think straight and focus on the most important aspects of your life.

Your Home is your Yoga Class:

You do not need to sign in to a yoga class to meditate. You can turn every room into a yoga class/studio. If you have sufficient knowledge about your body, you can do your asana in your home and reflect on your inner self. Going to the studio or taking a class is great but you should also meditate alone as well.

Remained focused and on the path:

It is important that you stay focused on you. Your everyday life also plays an important role. How you spend your day is also a major factor in being a Zen master. You need to stay away from other people’s drama, as it will evolve you in it and eventually it will become your drama. And no one needs that sort of negativity in their lives. Being a Zen means that you stay away from all the stressful activities, or doing them in a way that you do not let stress affect you.

Being a Zen master is not easy, but with proper techniques, patience, and practice, nothing is impossible.

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