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When the whole world is moving forward with the Smartphone revolution, it is no wonder that you can find a lot of apps which promise to teach you yoga. Out of the millions of apps out there, we have shortlisted the best yoga apps that you and your family will ever need to keep track of your health:

1.Yoga Studio

Best for Diversity Seekers

This complete offers you a lot of perks for your money. You can surf through the list of 65 yoga and meditation routines, which are categorized by level and focus (Flexibility, Balance, Strength, and Relaxation). Play your personal iTunes songs from Bollywood and Hollywood of any genre through the app while listening to the teacher’s tips for each pose.

2.Office Yoga

Best for: Crunching it in the office

This minimalistic app is made up of e-cards that come with a diagram for yoga poses made for table-workers looking to do some yoga on the job. If getting to a proper class is not plausible, Office Yoga offers you an excellent way to help in taking care of your body while bridging the gap between space classes.

3.3D Yoga Anatomy

Best for Nerdy followers

Do you want a scientifically approved way to get the most out of every yoga pose? This app’s 40 pose diagrams show which muscles are shrinking, stretching and balancing, and how you can work on each asana. Are you looking for ways to increase your focus even more? Browse various kinds of backbends, arm balances, and inversions.

  1. Universal Breathing — Pranayama

Best for: Breathing stamina

Many large-scale yoga classes don’t have much time to let the practitioners discover yogic breathing techniques (pranayama), but the fantastic visuals and minimal design of Universal Breathing let students exercise techniques on their own with clear guidance and instructions. Studio (All-in Yoga)

Best for Holistic Health Friends

Looking for flows that ensure “headache relief,” a “slim waist,” or perhaps something to rekindle “burning desire”? Turn to’s 45 unique, photo-illustrated programs. You can make your routine by adding or removing various poses. Wanna share your workout results? Add a profile picture and join the other users on the Inspire feed.

6.Yoga Sutras

Best for: Tradition lovers

Make it like old sages and absorb knowledge with the historical yoga texts that brought us yoga and introduced it to the world with this interactive, animated, and compact eBook. It’s a great book for the commuters, and a convenient way to provide meaning to physical exercise with some insight from the founding Yoga Guru himself, Patanjali.

7.Pre – Postnatal Yoga

Recommended for: Pregnant practitioners

Wondering how to modify your asanas in pregnancy? Headed by a celebrated yoga instructor Briohny Smyth, this 12-part yoga workout has three video sessions designed to fit the needs of women during each trimester of pregnancy. Once you’ve delivered, there are three further postnatal videos available to help you through childbirth.


Best for: Yogis on a Time Crunch

All of the exercises on DailyYoga are under 30 minutes, meaning this app is perfect for training in a limited period. You can scan through 50 classes that are categorized by parts of the body (abs, back, butt, and chest) and yoga levels (standing yoga, sun salutation, etc.). Do you feel like skipping a part of a course or pause it at specific postures? Then hit the images on the right side of the screen!

Now, go and download these apps and get tuned into the most popular forms of exercises on the planet.




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