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The world has been rightly smitten by yoga. The life of celebrities is definitely more chaotic than any average person. The cut-throat competition for fame and popularity has made many of the very popular celebrities to become staunch followers of yoga. Yoga helps celebrities destress and help them stay fit and calm.

Some of the popular celebrities that are into practicing yoga are as follows.

  1. Meg Ryan

She is a very popular actress and producer and practices yoga every day to stay healthy. According to her, meditation is the most important element of yoga. Yoga has helped her find inner strength and right path in life. With yoga as a daily life routine, she has found peace and calmness in her life.


  1. Madonna

This pop diva is a yoga practitioner and is influenced by the Ashtanga asana and hatha yoga. She believes in dynamic movements and transitions and credits yoga with bringing calmness and peace in her life. She has adopted yoga as part of her lifestyle to lead a stress-free and relaxed life.


  1. Shilpa Shetty

She is considered as one of the Bollywood actresses with the best bodies. Shilpa is influenced by Power yoga and practices it regularly. She is professionally trained and has released a set of yoga DVDs named Shilpa Yoga. She credits yoga for curing her of chronic back and neck ailments. She believes that yoga can keep the mind, body, and soul healthy and fit.


  1. Lara Dutta

A leading model and actress, Lara Dutta is called a hot mommy due to her well-maintained body during and post pregnancy. Regular yoga and strict diet helped her stay in shape. She also launched a yoga DVD for expectant mothers to get back in shape after delivery.


  1. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is an actor, author, and activist. Apart from these qualities, he is a devoted yogi and teacher. He even has his own yoga studio. He practices Kundalini yoga and meditation regularly. He was involved with drugs but yoga helped him get out of this bad influence and lead a healthy life. He believes that yoga positively influences one’s consciousness.


  1. Adam Levine

He loves and practices yoga as much as his music. While performing for Maroon 5, he made sure to have a separate yoga room where he could practice yoga. His great physique is the result of his regular yoga practice.


  1. Christy Turlington

This top model is a believer of yoga. She even believes in Vaastu and Ayurveda. She started taking professional yoga classes from the age of 18 and believes in the overall intellectual and spiritual aspect of yoga.

Despite their busy lives, these celebrities take out time to do yoga. They are an inspiration for us to lead a healthy lifestyle while earning money and fame.


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