Common Mistakes People Make While Doing Yoga

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October 2, 2017
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October 2, 2017

We all make mistakes; it is not news to anyone. But what matters is the patience to correct them. Today we are going to discuss some common mistakes made while doing yoga.

These mistakes are usually made by beginners, which is okay, because no one is flawless, and certainly no one can become a yoga master in one day. So if you are a beginner, this article is for you, take notes!!

1) Doing Yoga with a Full Belly:

If you do yoga with a full stomach, it can be difficult for you to do most of the poses and stretches. So it is always better to skip a full meal before your yoga class. No, by no means we are saying that you should do yoga on an empty stomach because that is also not a good option. You need your energy for yoga. It is always better to eat a Light but nutritious snack before working out. Like peanut butter and banana toast, or a snack bar. It all depends on you.

2) Focusing On Surroundings Rather Than Yourself:

While doing yoga, your focus should be on yourself, not on your surroundings. Stop thinking about what others are thinking about you, or what should I make for the dinner, or what am I going to wear to the party that is next week. None of these things matter right now. You signed up for the yoga class because you wanted to do yoga, and if your mind is not in it, you are just making poses. It is important that you let go of all the thoughts and focus on your breathing and the movement of your body.

3) Skipping the breaks:

It is essential that you take a break for a few minutes from yoga workout to cool yourself down. Doing yoga consistently without taking a break does not mean that it will be beneficial to you. Taking a break, and cooling down can help you limit muscle soreness. It also enhances your flexibility. By taking a break, you are lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. High blood pressure and heart rate can cause dizziness. Even when you are at the end of your yoga class, or even if you are home, take some time to cool down before starting something else.

4) Taking the wrong class:

Yes, it can be challenging for people to set aside some time for yoga from their tight schedules. But that does not mean that you should sign up for any class that is available in your free time. You should know that every yoga class is not the same. If you are a beginner at yoga but if you join at expert level, or pro level class that can be tiring for you. Skipping the basics can be harmful to you, as you need to get used to the basics first and then move to the next level.

5) Stretching or Pushing Too Hard:

Just know that yoga is not supposed to be painful or stressful, do not mix workout with yoga. Pushing yourself too hard, or stretching way beyond your limit can injure you. Do not look at the most flexible person in the class and think why cannot I stretch that far. Every person has their limits, and if you want to be flexible, just keep doing your yoga regularly, and you will get there. It is always better to get instructions before starting any workout or yoga. Having less or no knowledge about it can be harmful to you. If you are working out in class, ask your instructors all the important questions before starting the exercise.

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