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How to be a certified Yoga teacher?
November 25, 2017
What is Ashtanga Yoga and what are Its Benefits?
November 25, 2017

Inner peace is when your mind is in alignment with your soul you connect and do things that truly makes you happy! In the ever-competing era, we try to make a living and survive our days sometimes by getting into job and work which aren’t really our passion but a means to make money. There is, therefore, an importance to choose things which make us happy, calm and a better person each day!


Yoga has come to be a means of connecting with self, finding the almighty and also making our body a better place to live in!


Practicing yoga doesn’t just help you meditate and calm down better but also makes your body more flexible and healthy. While you can always be a student and learn yoga poses and niche the art, we believe you can be a Yoga teacher too and connect your mind and soul while enlightening others! When you are keen on serving people and bringing brightness into their life, your love for yoga can be attributed to great heights and help people find their direction in life. Here is how!


Practice Yoga religiously


For a person seeking knowledge with a dream to become a yoga teacher someday, it is important to actually learn the art with excellence. Start with your yoga mats, comfortable clothes, and mindfulness to gain the knowledge of the art with niche and start preaching it. You need to get acquainted with its sublime knowledge and the connect with your soul first. No matter what form of Yoga you choose it is important that you activate the chakras of your body and connect with every nerve inside you to be able to feel a sense of calm. Choose the stream of Yoga i.e. Ashtanga Yoga, Indian Yoga, Bikram Yoga and more and excel in the field you choose.


Take up the Yoga Teacher training course


When you are assured that you have acquired a fair share of knowledge, have the right body as well as willingness to take your love for Yoga further – it is time to enroll yourself with a premium Indian Yoga teacher training course which helps you in nurturing the values of a good teacher. A lot of institutes worldwide have the expertise in practicing yoga with gurus and professors of Yoga who have profound knowledge and enlightenment to teach others the same. You can easily pick up from the branches of Yoga, dedicate your time and attention to it and practice it with heart.


The Yoga teacher training course is all about signing up with an institute for their teacher training course which is mostly 200 hours Ashtanga yoga teacher training course, 300 and 500 hours teacher training course. For taking up the course one has to enroll and move to the institute to learn the art day in and day out until the course gets over. The yoga teachers here try their best to inculcate values and principles that are needed to be a good yoga teacher.


Get Certified!


Upon successful completion of the yoga teacher training course, the student is awarded a certificate which makes them a certified yoga teacher. From this point onwards, the person is ready to preach yoga like a teacher and can pass on the knowledge to others and be of service to the society for the amount of yoga knowledge they possess. They can take up part-time or full-time job or even open up their own Yoga learning school to teach others.


Start teaching Yoga to people


Teaching yoga to other people is about believing in the art and being of service to them. When others are willing to learn from you, you have to guide them through the knowledge you have possessed and help them connect with their being. This requires a lot of patience, gratitude, hard work, willingness and nurturing qualities in a teacher and therefore is known to be the kindest gesture of all. Being a yoga teacher, one can help in healing, getting fit, weight loss and even connecting to oneself. A good teacher ensures that they help their students the best in finding their own path!


Bring in change in yours and other’s life!


Practicing yoga is bound to bring a lot of change in you. The right kind of breathing, getting flexible, attaining fitness and connecting your mind and soul is just one perspective of it. When you practice yoga, you become a much calm and divine person with thoughts that bring in enlightenment. Therefore, preaching yoga and being a yoga teacher is about turning your life around for good. Be ready to embrace the new thinking and perspective that you find about yourself as well as be ready to impart in people a new way of life which they shall find when they learn from you!

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