Does yoga do anything for obesity?

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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017

Obesity is an issue that the population now face on a large scale. Unfortunately, teenagers are now the most affected portion that falls under this category. Defined as a condition where excess fat is stored and accumulated in the body, obesity increases the risk of getting affected by heart diseases.

What is Obesity?

Obesity doesn’t mean being overweight. It is a collective term given to unhealthy conditions and unhealthy food habits having a profound effect on your body causing it to increase in weight. The weight is increased due to the production of the high amount of fat in our body. When a large amount of unhealthy food is congested, our body gets all the essential energy while the excess amount gets converted into fat. This increases the amount of fat and gets stored in inconvenient parts of our body like belly region, buttocks, thighs, arms, neck, etc. This, in turn, gives you a deformed shape and restricts your movements.

Obesity is now a widespread disease that has many countries under its grasps. Unless our food, environment, and lifestyle are changed, controlling obesity can be very difficult.

How to control obesity

It doesn’t matter which category of obesity has a grip on you. You need to understand the causes of obesity and tally it with your environment to check which factors are affecting your body. For some unhygienic environment can be a factor while for some it can be due to unhealthy food habit. In some cases, obesity can be genetic. But in no way, they cannot be controlled. You need to maintain healthy diet plan, routine exercise, and change in environment to bring a lasting change in you. And the point is you need to do this for your health in the long run not just for the sake of obesity. But other than physical exercise and diet our query is, does yoga do anything for obesity? Let’s find out

Rebuilding Health Naturally

Yoga has been practiced throughout the ages and had quite an effect on our body and mind. But our question is can it help controlling obesity? The answer is yes. Yoga involves series of movements of your body, and regular practice can do better work than exercise. And the best part is you can do yoga at your home. You don’t need to join any gym or coaching unless you feel necessary. Benefits of yoga include:

  • Increases flexibility of your body
  • Improves mind and body conditions
  • Works on your fatty areas and reduces them
  • Controls high cholesterol level in your body

Obesity has a direct link to heart diseases; hence nothing can be better than practicing a good set of cardio as well. Some of the yogas that would help to cure obesity are:

Kapal Bharti pranayama

This yoga increases your metabolism by pure respiration and thus helps in controlling obesity. This is must-do yoga for any beginners.


This yoga massages you abdominal muscles thus improving digestion and reduced fat in your body.


Balance is vital when yoga is concerned. This pose increase stamina improves balance and helps in controlling obesity daily.


This yoga strengthens your wrists, arms and facilitates removal of fat. It also initiates muscle formation.


This yoga can tone your abdominal region with a series of poses.


This pose can be practiced after Purvottanasana to improve digestion, movement in the lower abdomen area and reduced fat in your body.

Yoga is not a one-day show. You need to do it regularly at the scheduled time to get your desired result. It involves various flexible movements such as stretching which would be difficult to do at first. But instead of pushing your limits in one go, you can patiently practice every day, and ultimately you will reach your goal. The key to a successful result is patience. You cannot achieve any result if you are not patient.

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