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Why should you do Ashtanga Yoga?
October 14, 2017
October 14, 2017


There are many ways to stay cool and fit, go to gym eat greens and sweat a lot while doing cardio. Or you can do what your favorite celebrity does. Yes, this might come up as a surprise that the new age celebs are focusing on the traditional ways to make sure that they stay fit and achieve the physical fitness results they want in a shorter duration. Instead of spending hours in Gym Bollywood biggies are focusing on traditional Indian ‘Yoga’.

The biggest Yoga addict who made sure to promote the same by being the role-playing model herself is the newest celebrity mom ‘Kareena Kapoor’. Taimoor’s mom and one of the Bollywood’s hottest diva decided to go safe and instead of any harmful treatment or sweaty workout she did it the traditional way and the results are fascinating.

In her views, Yoga is not just about doing different body postures and making your body flexible. Of course, it helps but when it comes to making it work up to the fullest you have to ensure that your entire lifestyle is in accordance to Yoga.

Kareena’s Diet plan

Lots of green vegetables with bread or parantahs that’s what she has for her breakfast. It includes cheese and accompanied with milk. Her lunch is simple and energetic just like a middle class, a plate containing lentils, chapattis greens and soup. Her evening snacks are protein rich and fat free followed by green salads and soup. In dinner she eats Pulses and Roti after having a nice hot bowl of vegetable soup. Kareena eats no non vegetarian food at all. As far as water consumption is concern it is also consumed in a yogi’s way. Six to eight glasses of boiled water is what quenches her best. This is to note here that according to yoga principals eating a diet which quenches the soul and in the purest form of nature is extremely important.

Workout Regime

In her workouts she has the best of yoga forms included like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and Ashtang Yoga. Her morning begins with Surya Namaskaar, followed by ashtang yoga and power yoga, she believes that yoga is not something which can’t be carried out with workouts in fact it is something which if included correctly can give you fascinating results.

After a bit of warm-up she starts her session with power yoga, followed by surya namaskaar and ashtang yoga’s some of the most effective asans. Few of Kareena’s favorites are ‘Naukasana’ in this asan one provides its belly fat the ultimate pressure which otherwise is not achievable. Further carried forward with ‘Bhunjang Asan’ this asan is also known as the cobra pose. It is the best thing ever happened to your back either you have back strain or you don’t want it ever in your life. Coming down to Pravatasan (The Mountain Pose) this pose provides the best support to your weight training in gym by providing that additional strength to arm muscles and bones. Lastly, Virbhadra Asan is Kareena’s best friend for strengthening legs and making them ready for whole day’s activities. But wait, that’s not all this workout is also accompanied by ‘Kapalbhati’, it’s a must for her everyday cleansing of mind and soul. According to her after all that there is nothing which may stop you to get in perfect shape.



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