From Power Yoga To Hot Yoga: How People Are Adapting To Ancient Indian Methodology

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The popularity of yoga has increased manifolds in the past few years. In the 21st century, the ancient Indian methodology to stay healthy and at peace has become so widely accepted that 21st June has been declared to be the International Yoga day. But, the way yoga was perceived then and now have a sea difference.

Today, everyone is doing yoga; people are not shying away from taking the benefit of the practice to stay healthy but also to have enjoyment and some me time. While we all have heard about the classic forms of yoga like hath yoga and vinyasa yoga, there are the new, modern forms of yoga that have been gaining a lot of followers globally.

Here are some popular variations of yoga that are is picking up among the young and the aged with equal aplomb:

Hot Yoga

One of the latest and the most talked about variation is hot yoga. In this, stretching is done in such hot environmental conditions that they make you sweat more. However, the high temperature is not just for increased sweating, it also improves the breathing pattern and to allow the body stretch to its fullest for relieving any tightness or pain.

Rage Yoga

According to the latest definition available online, ‘rage yoga is a practice that involves stretching, position based exercise and a lot of bad humor. The main focus of rage yoga is to attain good health and become like a Zen’. If you are falling in for the idea of practicing yoga but are equally involved in drinking and swearing, then this is certainly your type of yoga practice. Lindsay Istace is the creator of rage yoga, who invented it after going through a rough break up. She claimed that cussing and letting out her emotions while practicing yoga helped her in getting over the emotional turmoil.

Power Yoga

If you are in search of a more fitness-based yoga variation, then power yoga is the most suited choice for you. At the bottom line, it follows the traditional approach only, but every yoga center or gym offering these sessions has something or the other different to make them unique and power packed. You can expect a power yoga session to be more intense and energy flowing.

Yoga Festivals

If you are not willing to have a regular yoga session but want to spend some time with other people relaxing and meditating, then you can look out for a yoga festival near you. Several yoga festivals take place throughout the year organized by popular yoga and fitness organizations. You can join any such community to be a part of their yoga festival and enjoy various forms of yoga in a single session.

Yoga Apps

No time to join a class or too shy to practice yoga in front of others? Then the recently developed Yoga Apps are your key to become a master of yoga. You can experience and learn the ancient art of yoga from the comfort of your home without the pressure of performing in front of others. All you need to do is to download the yoga app on your smartphone and make it your personalized yoga instructor. With so many options available, practicing yoga on your conditions has become easier than before.

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