Hard hitting realities about being a Yoga Teacher

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November 25, 2017
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November 25, 2017

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Yoga is a journey within self which becomes more enjoyable and heavenly with practice. Taking up yoga is difficult as it demands a shift of lifestyle and a lot of healthy inclusions in life. But once chosen the person will never be the same again.


People who take up Yoga practice strive to deepen their practice and learn the finer art and experiences. This is the reason why the Yoga Teacher training courses are getting popular each day. While taking up this course will help you strengthen your knowledge it also graces with an ability to choose Yoga as a career.


And if you are somebody who did take up Yoga practicing and enrolled for a course – thinking of basing a career on it would have come as an ideal choice. The best job as a professional – as one would think. But the grass isn’t as greener on the other side. There are things you would wish someone told you earlier. So, here it is the hard-hitting realities of being a Yoga Teacher!

  1. Money management issues

With being a Yoga teacher comes a big need of finding the right students and a lot of them. When you are into teacher and earning out of it, you need a good number of students to teach the art and the ones who are ready to pay well for the classes so that you can manage your finances. While you may enroll for a club or try to conduct the classes on your own in a hall – the struggle would be to squeeze out money from the students, make appropriate money to handle the hall rents, personal expenses and more. If you plan to teach on 5-10 classes packages, you will have to conduct them with smart money management in mind.


  1. The unknown schedule!

Unlike the Yoga practitioners the Yoga teachers actually live a very unorganized schedule. While your classes may start at about 5 in the morning the sessions would end by 11 a.m. leaving you free for a power nap in the noon and again start up with the classes at 4 p.m. which would stretch till 8 p.m. Yoga teachers end up doing yoga or teaching them for at least 8 hours a day making their body really exhausted. While the feel of it all shall be liberating and peaceful it shall prove to be extremely frustrating too!


  1. Popularity race

Agree or not the Yoga Teacher who is famous amongst the crowd is more preferred and thus earns more! The quality of a yoga teacher is measured by the popularity he/she has or how many classes they conduct or even the strength of their classes. There is a race amongst the Yoga Teachers to be popular because that is what makes their classes occupied and earns them well. While there is only one key to popularity i.e. results the yoga teachers have to work on a lot of people to achieve their weight loss, peace and mindfulness goals to actually build a popularity structure for themselves.


  1. Customer base

For keeping the classes always strong and going there is a lot of hard work that goes into making the people want to come join the classes. The ratio of people interested to the number of people actually signing up for the classes is 100:10. And therefore to get there one needs to have a lot of customers and students to create awareness amongst others. With continuously teaching classes with a strength of only 5-6 students, the yoga teacher strives to increase numbers and make their customer base for building up followers.


  1. The competition is increasing

While the number of people taking up yoga is increasing, there is a greater number of people who opt to be Yoga Teachers. As a result, the number of students per teacher is actually coming down. There is a lot of competition! With not all people choosing Yoga as the mode to fitness or health making people want to learn yoga is a task and thus is the tough life of a Yoga Teacher.


  1. Business Vs spirituality

Most of the Yoga centers work like business houses paying the Yoga teachers for new enrollments, extra hours and advances like these. The mind of the Yoga teacher has a fair chance of being diverted from spirituality to being a business person. And while these yoga centers focus on the payments on the numbers basis, they almost ignore the teachers when it comes to offering raise, insurance, travels etc which is much common in business models today.


While being on a journey to enlighten the world and be of service to the society to make them fit and healthy is a heavenly feeling, the struggle to meet the expenses, keep the calm and maintain the popularity is nerve wrenching. Life of a Yoga teacher can be exhausting, impulsive and sometimes unjust too!


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