Healing Diseases with Yoga is actually possible!

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November 25, 2017
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November 26, 2017

The ability to be self-aware, at peace and continue to aspire all is not found in everyone. While we all look for lives that is self-fulfilling and happy – the rush in our lives doesn’t let us be at peace.


We all are constantly put across situations which bring in uneasiness, anger, rage, sadness and even depression into us. The frustration of dealing with tough situations, surviving for needs and struggling to chase the deadlines keeps us at our edge.


Through our lives, there are a variety of physical, emotional and mental injuries that we have to deal with. The doctor’s prescription, endless medicines and therapies might seem like a good idea but science has found that Yoga too has healing power which can help you fight through life challenging diseases.


The need is to empower yourself and start working towards the life you want to create!


Yogic poses


There are several forms of yoga practices – each enriching and healing in a different way. While some of the Yoga practices help you strengthen the body, lose weight and work on the core muscle strength, the others help in activating the chakras, experience nirvana, spiritualism and more. Yoga is an art which instils in you’re the mindfulness and ability to make your body function in control of your mind and soul.




Meditation heals your soul from within. Being a part of the Yogic practices, Meditation brings in your mindfulness and the ability to think positively! Meditation helps you fight the stress and keep your mind light. Therefore, most of the mental diseases like depression, anxiety, tensed, impulsiveness etc. are eradicated with continuous meditation. Meditation is also a way to get over a heartache, heal an over-thinking mind, brings in happy vibes and practice self-awareness.


Muscle pulls, body injuries and weight loss


Yoga is a powerful way of providing your body with the right balance. Yoga works in not just increasing the flexibility of the body but also helps in the perfect alignment of body mechanisms but also healing a lot of injuries. In case of muscle pulls, joint pains, leg pains, nerve wrenches etc. yoga acts as a boon! With regular practice, there is an improvement of blood circulation, strengthening of muscles and the wounds start to heal faster. For weight loss too, yoga is a helpful aid as it helps you balance your body on your own weight, practice poses which work on muscle toning and burning fat. As a result, people who practice yoga start getting into their desired body weight.


Hormonal disease cure in Yoga


Thyroid, PCOD, hormonal imbalances etc. put people under medication for years without yielding any positive effects! The side-effects of these medicines instead make people more depressed, overweight or sometimes even weak. The hormones produced in our body needs regulation – which can happen either with medicines or natural processes. Yoga as a form of exercise, meditation and spiritual practice helps you work through poses which releases happy hormones and makes your calm. The regular practice of yoga makes you lose on excessive weight, works on tissue processes, blood circulation and even glands which produce different forms of hormones. The effect is such that the hormone production in the body gets to normal and the body starts healing on its own. As a result, many people have found their diseases like PCOD and thyroid heal over time with regular yoga practice. It comes as a magic which suddenly starts showing results.


Dealing with emotions


Emotional wellbeing is very important for us all to lead a happy life. Yoga is a means to life which connects you to self-awareness, self-belief and happy feeling which always keeps your self-contended. With yoga, you are able to take control of your emotions or at least learn to live with them. Sitting cross-legged and digging into your own being is more enriching and powerful than being lost into emotional turmoil and as a result, when you practice yoga – you are able to find for yourself a way out which helps you deal with your emotions and stay happy!


Get fit and healthy


Yoga as an art helps you achieve the best of stamina, fit body and flexibility. The numerous asanas help you learn how to mold your body and transform yourself into a much active and healthy person. The right breathing, patience and bends of the body make you learn to bear with pain, get high on energy and be always ready for anything active. The yoga practice yields your healthy eating, sleeping and working pattern which makes you live the best kind of life!

Yoga is thoroughly enriching and makes you practice life at its best. Letting you heal wounds, diseases, and creating emotional and mental awareness, yoga is a form of art which brings you all round wellness into life!



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