How Can Meditation Make You A Creative Person?

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Generally, we confuse meditation with prayer and worship of God but it is something different. It is awareness or the process of making oneself aware of one’s being or existence.

It is a process of thinking, analyzing and feeling one’s existence. “Feeling your own breath” is meditation, listening to the sounds of nature or sounds of birds around you is meditation. Concentrating on your breath that how it moves inside your body, feeling your own soul is meditation. Meditation means relaxing your mind, body, and soul altogether through the means of deep breathing.

Benefits of meditation

·         It gives you peace of mind.

·         It relaxes your body, mind, and soul.

·         It provides you more energy.

·         It increases your stamina and concentration power.

·         It makes you more creative.

·         It makes you more cheerful and peaceful.

·         It helps you to control your anger and negative energy or force which is present inside each one of us.

There are much more other benefits of doing meditation on a regular basis as it changes your life. It transforms you into a new being who is more creative and enthusiastic towards life. It turns you into someone who is more focused and determined towards his or her goals and aims of life.

Meditation and Creativity:

There is no doubt that the mind of a person who meditates on a regular basis is more creative than any ordinary person who doesn’t meditate. This is a scientific fact that people who meditate have more creative mind than ordinary people. They are more positive than ordinary people. Now the question is how meditation makes a person more creative?

The answer itself lies in meditation. Human beings work on their brains and they need energy. We all gain that energy through different activities like eating, sleeping, and exercise. Meditation is a kind of activity which improves the functioning of the brain. It increases the positive energy inside human beings. It provides human beings with qualities like relaxation, calmness, focus, determination, insight, and analyzing. It decreases the stress and tension of the human mind which automatically increases the mind’s creativity.

When we get patience, calmness, focus, and clarity our mind’s creativity increase automatically in a positive direction. Through meditation, we conceive more fresh ideas. By releasing the stress and tension of our mind, it makes a way for fresh ideas and positive thoughts. Through different studies, we get to know that meditation has a long lasting effect on human mind and its creative power. But not all forms or types of meditation have the same effect on creativity.

According to many studies and experiments, it is concluded that different techniques of meditation do not have the same effect on human mind’s creativity. Open Monitoring Meditation is more effective to increase human mind’s creativity as it is the one where one becomes more receptive to every sensation and thought. It increases one’s divergent thinking where one is able to think every possible or as many solutions to a particular problem.

On the other hand, Focused Attention Meditation does not have the same effect on human’s divergent thinking as it only focuses on a particular thought or idea. It increases one’s convergent thinking where one focus on a possible solution to a particular problem. It doesn’t increase human mind’s divergent thinking.

To become more creative and increase our mind’s divergent thinking, one should do Open Monitoring Meditation through which one can open each and every channel of his/her mind and become more receptive to fresh ideas and thoughts. It helps one to become more creative than ordinary people.

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