How Does Yoga Teach You To Open Your Heart Chakras

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October 2, 2017
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Yoga is a process where one attains physical and mental relaxation through the means of a proper way of breathing, meditation, and certain body postures or ‘Asanas.’ Yoga is a union of our body and soul.

Yoga is a way to find the true being of the self. It is a way to feel the inner self and one’s existence. Breathing plays an important role in Yoga. A person who practices yoga on a regular basis should know how to breathe and when to inhale and exhale while performing yoga.

Meditation is another important part of Yoga where one concentrates on one’s breath, how it goes down and returns. It is a way to feel the inner self. It is a way to improve the mind’s functioning. Doing different ‘yogic asanas’ is not about only attaining the physical posture. Yoga is not meant for physical and mental relaxation and peace not for stress.

⇒ One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it opens your heart. You must have heard it that a happy and satisfied person is a myth. But Yoga has made it possible. It is not a myth anymore. Yoga energizes a person with positive energy. It helps the person to control the negative forces which are present inside each one of us. It makes a person more cheerful. And when a person is happy, he open heartedly welcomes new people, new thoughts, new ideas, places, and sensations.

⇒  Yoga fulfills a person with new thoughts and positive energy and when you feel positive everything around you seems positive, good and happy too. You become more open-hearted than usual to meet new people, have new experiences, explore the world to its fullest and feel enthusiastic every time. This is what each one of us wants to feel. Yoga fulfills us with new energy. You seem determined for your goals and aims of the life. You are interested in helping the people around you with positivity inside you.

⇒ The energy and patience which Yoga gives us mentally and physically motivates us to know things better, understand people in a better way and their point of views. People who practice Yoga are open to every kind of thought, idea, challenge, and situation. They want to participate in things and activities happening around them with a positive spirit.

⇒  People who practice yoga are highly positive people who anyhow can find a positive aspect in everything. They are more receptive or open to new thoughts, ideas and sensations than other ordinary people. They are capable of solving problems more efficiently than other people. They are more realistic and genuine as they have understood that this life is to live not to impress others.

⇒  Yoga people are more open-hearted and realistic people than other ordinary people. Along with it, Yoga not only opens your heart but it also physically energizes you and activates you.  Negative energies like anger, jealousy and hatred are not dominantly present in people who practice yoga in everyday life. They know how to control it. They are calmer and peaceful which makes them open-hearted people.

Yoga improves the health and enhances the body organs’ functioning. It also enhances the mood of the person. You must have heard that people who practice Yoga on a regular basis are least prone to mental issues, depression, asthma and other common diseases of modern times. There is no doubt that yoga is a way of life which fully improves you inwardly as well as outwardly. Yoga not only makes a person open-hearted, genuine and happy but also enhances the positive powers or good will of the person.

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