How to be a certified Yoga teacher?

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October 14, 2017
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Choosing Yoga as a way of life is like a calling from your inner self! You learn to practice the art, connect with your soul and want to stay like that forever. While you have started nailing the Yogic poses to fair proportions, you might think – let’s be a certified Yoga teacher!


To be a certified Yoga teacher one needs a higher level of dedication, a sense of learning and certification from one of the many institutes of Yoga training. Yoga teachers are instructors who teach others to do yoga, practice and also bring to them the healing by way of meditation.

Yoga instructors can work full time or part time or even be self-employed upon their choice.


Here is how to get certified!

  1. Learn Yoga

To be a certified Yoga teacher the first and foremost thing to do is to learn yoga. Be a student first and learn the art of moving your body to the yoga pose, get fit and make your body flexible and strong enough to practice yoga at its best. It is when you are fit, strong and have known some of the Yoga poses – you can proceed to be a teacher for others.


  1. Choose which Yoga form to preach

There are various forms of Yoga i.e. Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and more. Know about them all, practice them all and find out for yourself what suits you! The style of poses, the instructions, the practice, and principle varies for all and hence it is important to understand which one do you enjoy the most. Choose a mentor and take guidance from them to best practice the yoga of your choice.


  1. Take up a Yoga teacher training course

The Yoga teacher training course is all about studying the anatomy and physiology of the Yoga philosophy. In the courses, available with the institutes the focus is on the physiology, poses, instructional techniques and ideologies which shape a person into a perfect yoga trainer. You will get to teach classes of people and have the adherence to complete the training. Many schools offer 100 hours, 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours Yoga teacher training courses which hone the skills and make you ready to teach yoga in the desired time.


  1. Register and learn

Register yourself in one of the Yoga teacher training institutes for their certified Yoga training programs and pack your bags for the institutes. These institutes are most of the times located in prime locales where it is heavenly to feel the freshness around, come in contact with nature and practice yoga to its best. Finish the training of the required hours with diligence and get a degree for yourself to practice Yoga as a teacher.


  1. Start teaching Yoga

Achieving the certificate of being a Yoga teacher or instructor makes you ready to preach yoga as a teacher and make others learn the art too. You can now join with the health clubs, work part-time or even just start teaching as a self-employed instructor. Keep experiencing the joy of teaching yoga and spreading the knowledge of powerful Yoga!

How being a Yoga teacher can be a gain?


Being a Yoga practitioner in itself is a big therapy! With the rush that we have today in our lives and the way we struggle to stay updated with the race in the world – peace is slowly taking a back seat. When you practice Yoga daily you are able to bring that calm into your life and unleash your stress with powerful thinking. Being a Yoga teacher is actually a career based on something which brings you peace and calmness. It can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Make you a calmer person

Practicing yoga brings you closer to yourself and nature. It is the practice and connects with your mind and soul which will ensure that you are always calm and composed.

  • Earn you money

Being a Yoga trainer can be of great help in making a career out of it. When you train others of the fine art of Yoga, you are being a teacher to them and in the process earning a few bucks for passing on the knowledge and wisdom.

  • Fitness and health

Needless to say, that yoga shall make you fit and healthy. Yoga will bring out the best of your figure, health, and inner peace.

  • Guide and instructor

Being a Yoga teacher, you can be yourself and practice the art of Yoga at its best. You can be a guide and instructor to many, heal them, teach them art and practice with them for hours to pass on the knowledge. This gives you a sense of happiness to be a guide and instructor for an art!

For being a certified Yoga teacher, you can enroll with some renowned institutes and learn yoga close to nature! Let yourself go and learn the art!

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