How To Be A Modern Day Yogi

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Yoga has become quite cool these days. It has become a way of life for some people. Yoga not only gives physical relaxation to the body but also the mental peace which we deadly require in our modern day life. Yoga has its roots in ancient times.

It has been originated from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’. Yoga is a way of breathing. It is a way of meditation. It includes certain body postures which give an individual inner peace and feeling of relaxation. It is a union of inner consciousness and outer consciousness, soul, and spirit. It has been a part of Indian culture from ancient times. But now the time has changed a lot and people have changed too.

The modern world of modern people like us is full of stress, tension, pressure, and goals. We all are leading a fast life where time runs like a rabbit and our mind and soul struggles with it like a turtle. To reach its level or to maintain a balance, we need more energy, focus, determination, patience, calmness, and concentration. We need to be positive and control our negative forces.

To do so many things in a fast going life, yoga is the only way to remain calm, positive and stress-free. Any person who takes the benefit of Yoga to live a modern life is, of course, a modern day Yogi. Anyone who wants to know that how to be a modern day Yogi? The answer is simple to devote some time of your modern life to Yoga and you will become a modern day yogi.

In ancient times ‘yogi’ used to be a person who leaves his home, work, and society to do “Sadhna” of God. But now in modern times, a person who lives a modern life along with his/her ‘yogic lifestyle’ is a Modern Day Yogi. To be a modern day yogi you need to understand that everyone is different and the meaning and value of yoga to you may be different from another person. It may mean to you a way of life and to another person, it may mean a way to gain mental peace.


Meditation is an important part of Yoga and to be a modern day yogi it is important for you to understand its meaning and benefit. It is a way to attain insight, calmness, patience, creative, and positive energy through the mean of deep breathing.


Joining a Yoga class can be helpful for you to maintain the practice of yoga on your daily basis. People can skip it if they think that they will do it on their own. They may harm their body if they don’t know how to do it in a right way. Joining a yoga class may solve all of your problems. There you will learn how to do yoga calmly step by step. How to breathe in a right way and when you have to inhale and exhale while doing yoga postures.


Breathing or we should say deep breathing is an important step of becoming a modern yogi. Yogis live a peaceful, spiritual and meaningful life. They know how to control their senses. It’s a responsibility of a modern day yogi to take care of his/her inner state of being and nurture it with deep breathing. 80% of the people breathe in a wrong way and it is an important thing not only for becoming a yogi but to live also.

A modern day yogi is the one who leads a modern life without leaving his/her home and society but accepting yoga as a lifestyle. In a world full of stress and tension, yoga helps one to remain calm, determined and positive. Yoga generates these qualities in human beings so that they can balance their modern life with yoga.

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