How to build up a career in Yoga!

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Going to the 9 to 5 job, running through traffic jams and struggling to chase the targets on time! You’ve had it all with your regular career and then one day passing through a lane you come across a Yoga Teacher, sign up for it and Voila – Your life changes!

That’s how easy Yoga can get for you! A simple move making you more aware about yourself and experience peace within. And so, you decide to leave the cubicle life and shift to an open source where your soul does the talking!


While you may shift from a regular yoga practitioner to taking up a Yoga teaching course and transforming your career, you must know that building up a career in yoga isn’t that easy too! One needs a proper path and guideline to be able to make the best of the art. Hence here is a little guide on how to build up a career in Yoga!

  1. Find your inspiration

The first step to learning yoga or even taking it further into a form of career is to understand what inspires you to do yoga. Find your inner self, connect with your soul and find out the reason to love your art more than anything else. Take out reasons why you should be doing Yoga as a career and if you would like to make that choice. As being a Yoga teacher would mean dedicating a big part of your day doing Yogic poses, it would be a much more mental, emotional and thoughtful stress. The art you practice to unleash stress could soon even be boring enough like a job. If Yoga still inspires you to go for it. Go for it!


  1. Take up Yoga Teaching course

Don’t just start off with teaching yoga without getting certified. Even if you are well trained and know your yogic poses well it is important to get certified before instilling your knowledge into people. Make sure you sign up for a Yoga teacher training course and get certified. Learn the art of instilling the knowledge into others and being of service to other people for the magic you have found within.


  1. Develop relations with Yoga studios and teachers

Launching your career as a Yoga teacher can be difficult if you are new to the field. You will have to work on a lot of connections and start off small. Start with making relations with Yoga teachers, joining their classes, partnering with them for special classes, taking up classes in Yoga studios or even conducting the classes at your own home. It is with regular indulgence with new people and new environment that you shall build up connections and come in contact with more prospective learners.


  1. Sign up for teaching opportunities

Sometimes yoga studios or fellow teachers need sub teachers to attend when they are short of teaching hands. Make sure you sign up for them in an instant. Be reliable and available for any emergency classes held and show up to take classes whenever possible. This is what makes you their favorite choice when they lose out on any Yoga teacher – making you one on the teaching panel.


  1. Don’t ditch your practice

Self-practice is the most important thing for a teacher. Before everything begins for the day it is important for the teacher to take out time and self-practice the Yoga poses which instils wellness and fitness into them. It is with the regular practice that you shall get better at what you teach. Teaching others doesn’t mean your practice is complete too. Your practice happens at your own isolation.


  1. Plan a studio!

Create a market for your audience, a strong strength of students and fellow teachers before taking a big leap. A studio may be the best place to teach yoga but needs to be followed by a lot of expenses, routine and a dedicated lifestyle. Always make sure you have the right resources, the market which is ready to sign up for your classes and teachers who can be a part of your studio when you need them. Your studio should be a well-planned step, be it now or after a few years!


  1. Be a business mind too!

If you are practicing yoga it doesn’t just need to be a spiritual journey. Practicing yoga can be a lot more when you are taking it as a career. Consider the prospects of your career with a business perspective. You can be both a spiritual person as well as a business person. Just keep in mind that merely practicing yoga as a teacher won’t fetch you a career, you will have to work on your business mind to make your classes run!

Building up a career as a yoga teacher is a lot about working with a business mind in something you believe. Be spiritual, be active and be mindful – practice what you preach!

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