How to choose a Yoga teacher?

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What do you mean by Yoga?

In the simplest terms, we can describe Yoga as, ‘a way of life’! Meditation, relaxation, or exercises are not the only things that Yoga covers; Yoga generates spirituality and brings discipline in one’s life.

You should know that it is a practice, which had its origin in ancient India, and in some Sadhguru’s language, Yoga ‘brings you to reality’! It is a body and mind practice, which includes breathing techniques and bodily postures too.

It helps to calm and strengthen the nervous system. The blood flow to your internal organs improve and that brings more oxygen to your cells. You get a healthier body. Oh, and glowing skin too! You become more peaceful and your mind becomes less cluttered with reckless thoughts.

Why do you need a Yoga trainer?

Some people are generous enough to pass on their Yogic teachings to their followers, so that they do it right and eventually master the art of Yoga. These experienced people are referred to as Yoga trainers or instructors who are most of the times ‘certified’ for the same.

Yoga requires a hell lot of patience, which most of us lack. Under someone’s constant guidance, you tend to pick up things faster. In addition, Yoga includes some postures, which are difficult to perform. This is where the trainer comes into scene.


Under a Yoga teacher-training program, you will learn things about Yoga with much ease. This will also help you to get a deep understanding about the world of Yoga. If you are successful in mastering the art, you can do various certification courses, and become a Yoga instructor yourself too!


However, choosing the correct trainer for Yoga is crucial.

Here are some tips that we have shared to make it simpler for you to select the right instructor. Read on.


  • The first meeting: To learn better, you should be able to connect with your instructor. Take an appointment and meet your potential instructor beforehand.
    What is your first impression? Is he/she the kind of person you are looking for as someone who can teach you the art with patience? Trust your gut feeling. Walk away in case you get any sort of negative vibes.
  • Matching of tastes: It is not necessary that what you are seeking to learn, the Yoga instructor has that to offer.
    Suppose you are looking for a relaxing restorative class, but the trainer excels at Hot Yoga! Again, you want to master in practices like chanting and philosophy, but your trainer leaves you right after 1 hour of asana. Definitely not the ones you should be looking at to learn Yoga as a beginner.
  • Their learning: How well prepared is the trainer himself? Remember that not every great instructor is certified, and not every certified trainer is great at teaching Yoga. Ask him how he started practising Yoga.
    Did he undergo some certification or structured course? Observe his reply. If he seems under confident about the art itself, move on to find a new trainer! Also remember, in Yoga, there is always more scope to learn more. Is the trainer still learning from his own teacher?
  • Your progress: Yoga helps you to be free from physical, spiritual and mental exhaustion. It sets you free from all worldly problems, and helps you to feel good about yourself.
    Are you feeling that with your current yoga trainer? Do you feel the change within you? Do you feel you are heading somewhere towards your goal? Select a trainer who will guide you through your overall Yoga journey.
  • Soul searching: When you want to learn Yoga from a trainer, you know that you want to be inspired. Fancy poses look nice in videos and can be fun to perform; but if they add no value to your life, they become meaningless.
    Yoga should help you find your soul. Look for a teacher who would go out of their ways to help you in attaining your goals.
  • The price you pay: Some trainers would charge a hefty price, offer nothing useful, whilst some will charge minimal, and give you everything you had wished.

Be wise while choosing. Look for online reviews if available, or simply trust word of mouth about the potential trainer.


  • The class strength: Are you comfortable in a class that has 50+ students, or do you need an environ that accommodates max 15-20 other people only? Smaller numbered class obviously gets more individual attention than a one with hugely numbered students.
  • The timings: You should practice Yoga with a free mind, and you should not feel worked up. Choose a time (preferably morning) when you can afford to sit in peace, all by yourself, for some time. Do not rush anything. See that the schedule of the trainer matches yours.



Now that you know how to choose the perfect Yoga trainer, we wish you all the best to embark on a new Yoga journey. Get set go people!



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