How To Connect With Yourself Using Yoga

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October 2, 2017
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When you get separated from yourself, it gets hard to stay healthy. Communicating with yourself and understanding the conversation in whatever language it is, is very necessary.

When we converse with ourselves, we discover a lot of hidden emotions and feeling which were keeping us from finding our inner peace. Suppressing your feelings is unhealthy, and drifts you apart from what truly matters, and that is you.

Today, I will tell you how to connect with yourself using yoga.

  1. Save some time for yourself every day
  2. Talk to yourself
  3.  Free Writing:
  4. Feel!!
  5. Be Optimistic, Be happy

In our busy routine, we often forget to give ourselves some alone time. Even when we are alone in our bedrooms, our minds are preparing for what is to come next. If you want to connect to yourself, you should save some time for yourself every day. I am not asking you to meditate for hours, all I am asking is a few minutes. Just lay down, or sit down somewhere quiet and stop thinking. Let your mind relax, and feel everything around you. Shut your brain, and let your body talk to you.

Another good practice to be more aware of yourself is to speak to yourself. Be alone and in a comfortable environment while practicing this technique. Sit on a mat and start talking to yourself. You do not have to talk anything specific, just talk about whatever comes to your mind. If you do not have anything to say to yourself, just ask “How are you?” or “How are you feeling,” and give yourself an honest answer, because you do not have to hide anything from you. Be you, not what other want you to be.Sometimes your brain is unable to process every thought, and it leads to stress and anxiety. So when you say your thoughts out loud, it can help your brain figure stuff out. You can do this practice anywhere, even in your office. Just put the noise canceling headphones on and start talking.

Free writing, also known as automatic writing is also another good technique to clear your mind and connect with yourself. Take your notepad out, pick your pen up, and start writing. Writing anything, start doodling, even write any lyrics that come to your mind. Ask yourself “Am I satisfied with what I did today?” or “Do I have any regrets about doing something or not doing something” and start writing. This activity will let you know about your true feelings and what you want with life. It is also the best way to calm your mind and get on the right path. That is also one among the reasons why people keep journals as well.

Often when things do not go so great, we program ourselves to suppress our feelings. We try to avoid them but slowly they become tough to avoid, and we start feeling heavy. That is when we lose ourselves. So it is important to feel every feeling, no matter how heart wrecking it is. Because once you feel it, it will not bother you anymore, and it will be easier for you to move on and leave the hurt behind.

You know what cheers you up, right? You know what makes you feel light and happy.

Do that. Be you. Think for yourself for once and try to find happiness in small things. Take your sick leave and go on a long drive by yourself. Put your headphone in and walk in a park, or go for a little jog. It all depends on you, you are the one in charge, and you should be doing what makes you happy. Yoga is not all about exercises; it is also about meditation. You can meditate anywhere and anytime you want. Any that makes your thoughts clear and your mind calm can be your yoga. Connect with yourself, know yourself better and be confident and free.

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