Importance Of Yogic Meditation

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Mediation is one of the five primary principles of yoga that help in building a calm and composed soul. The meditation and yoga are considered incomplete without each other and are necessary to focus your mind so that you can walk on the path of self-discovery.

In yoga, two primary meditation techniques are widely followed by people globally. They are:

Panchkosha Meditation:

The human body is made of five koshas, which are: mind, body, breath, intellect, and bliss. The Panchkosha meditation is about learning to control these five koshas of the body and bring the best out of them.

Hari Om Meditation:

Life energy flows through the seven energy centers and with Hari Om Meditation we learn the art of guiding the flow of energy from one center to another. Hari om meditation requires a lot of dedication and experience.

Practicing meditation allows you to achieve your greater purpose in life and also bestows you with the strength to do so. Daily meditation session brings you clarity of mind, improves concentration and helps in discovering wisdom and tranquillity. Meditation should ideally be done after the yoga session so that you can reap the benefits of yogic meditation, which are:


Meditation requires you to sit for long hours. Thus you need enough strength and flexibility in your muscles. Yoga can help in achieving that strength and flexibility which will allow you to sit comfortably for as long as you want to. If you want to do to yogic meditation, then focus on asanas that strengthen your lower back and hip muscles.

Energy: The more energetic your body will be, the more you will be able to focus on meditation. Daily yoga practice allows your body to release more of endorphin which releases energy in the body in abundance. Whenever you feel low or are unable to cope up with the initial pressure of meditation than consider doing a few yoga asanas before meditation. After yoga practice, you will feel the electrifying flow of energy in your body as well as the nervous system thus making your meditation all the more productive.

Body awareness:

Having self-awareness about your body is important, especially to understand the signals that our body gives every time when it is not at the best of its health. Also, awareness about your body forms the foundation of productive yogic meditation. One should be able to identify what their body parts are doing while they are meditating, then only they will manage to bring control to them. Yoga is the best practice to generate awareness about your body.


We all know that yoga is an ultimate stress buster that controls the formation of stress hormones in the body. You feel relaxed after finishing a yoga session, and you also develop deep knowledge about your body, joints, and muscles. Yoga brings calmness to mind and makes your muscles relaxed. All these things pave the way for a relaxing meditation session as you will be able to have a higher level of concentration with relaxed body.

The importance of yoga and meditation in our life cannot be undermined especially if you want to control your mind and body. If you want to have a relaxing daily routine, then consider including these two activities in your daily life.

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