Improve Your Posture With These Yoga Poses

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September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Do you notice people around you hunching all the time and facing difficulty in maintaining the right posture? Well, the reason behind this can be many, one, for instance, is our daily routine that makes us hunch over the computers knowingly or unknowingly throughout the day or may be it is in our nature to hunch for no good reason .

Well, no matter what the reasons are, regular practice of the below shared simple yoga asanas can help you standing tall with perfect posture and of course no hunching.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

You might think of tadasana to be just another simple standing pose, but it is a lot more than that to improve your posture. To perform tadasana, stand straight with your feet hip width apart. Bring a micro bend in your knees with your feet grounded perfectly on the yoga mat. Keep your hips in the neutral position while tucking your tailbone under slightly. Your shoulder blades should slide down your back when you try to reach the brown on your head.

Tree Pose or Varksana

Tree pose is the perfect choice to force you to stay a proper posture so that you can maintain balance. Start performing tree pose by standing on the floor with your shoulders are in line with hips, and your spine is elongated. Now slowly lift your right foot and place its sole against the inner of your left thigh. Now try to move your body upwards to ensure that you are standing tall. Fold your hands in ‘Namaste’ position at the center of your heart or bring them over your head in the same position.

Cat Cow Pose or Marjaiasna/Bitilasana

Understanding the neutral point of your body is important to develop the right posture. The cat cow pose can help in understanding the neutral. Be on your all fours on the ground. Round your back upwards while inhaling and arch your back while exhaling. Repeat the position until your spine reaches the neutral. Take a note of the feeling your experience after getting up.

Downward-Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha śvānāsana

No posture is considered perfect unless you have strong and flexible muscles. The downward facing dog pose can help you have those strong muscles for right posture. Be on your all fours on the ground and straighten your legs to move your hips upward. Try to reach them from the back of the room. Press your hands strongly into the ground and allow your neck to relax. While you are breathing deeply, try to bring your navel close to your spine.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is performed to strengthen your back muscles so that you can experience improvements in your posture. Lie straight on your stomach with hands tucked under your shoulders. Press down in the earth to lift your torso upward while drawing shoulders towards the back of the room. Hold the pose for five deep breaths and repeat five times.

Incorporating these yoga postures in regular practice will bring significant improvements to your posture. They are also helpful in bringing relief to back pain while making you feel lighter, stronger and more confident about your body.

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