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November 25, 2017
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November 25, 2017

Lucky are those who live a life filled with self-happiness and peace!


In today’s time when competition and success is everything they need to reach out to the best of the world and achieving goals is the only thing which keeps us going. The stress, pressure, fatigue and frustration gets on our nerves and there is no way to unleash all that is going within us. In this journey, Yoga comes as a wave of fresh breeze bringing in positivity, connect and power to your self-being.


While the world is busy cribbing about the negative things, when practicing yoga, you indulge into positivity in yourself. And therefore, people learn yoga as an art and even go on to preach and teach yoga to other people. As astounding it sounds to make a career out of something that calms the soul, the process is actually easy and makes you get into the path to actually learn to teach yoga.


With premium institutes and teachers ready to provide the Indian Yoga teacher training, the right knowledge is just a course away!


Here is the answer to your question, “how to be a yoga teacher?”


Indian Yoga Teacher Training Course


Indian Yoga is known all around the world for being the most dedicated form of art involving not just the special Yogic poses and asanas but with its combination with the meditational therapies and connect to the god. The teachers of Yoga in India don’t just excel in the art of Yoga but have a bank of knowledge when it comes to finding answers to your problems, the healing process, connect to your inner self and of course the best form of fitness.


When it comes to Indian Yoga teacher training course, there is a range of premium institutes which offer specialized courses to the Yoga practitioners to hone their skills and take up teaching. With certificate courses involving 100 hours, 200 hours, 300 hours and even 500 hours of training – one can definitely achieve a pro-level of learning and get certified to be a Yoga Teacher!


What is the process of being a Yoga Teacher?


For being a certified Yoga trainer or teacher the first and foremost thing, of course, is to learn yoga. For any institute to sign you up for an Indian Yoga Teacher Training Course you must be equipped with the basic yoga and poses or at least your body should be ready with the fitness and health! And then there are a few steps to get the certification.

  1. Enroll with the right institute

There are some very good institutes in India which preaches yoga and its different forms like Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Anusara yoga and more. These institutes are located at places close to nature for making their students have a peaceful environment. One needs to be eligible to enroll in these institutes and back their bags to take up the Indian Yoga teacher training course.

  1. Seek the knowledge

There are various courses for the teacher training in premium Indian institutes based on the skill levels and the duration of the course. One can choose any of the courses as per their convenience and take in the knowledge with utmost dedication. Of course, there shall be classes and proper schedule from morning to night requiring to follow-up a routine and discipline which is all the part of learning. Grasp the best of knowledge to be a good yoga teacher.

  1. Get certified

Upon completing the Indian Yoga teacher training course, the students are required to pass a test which when cleared they shall be certified to be a Yoga teacher. They can now take up full time, part time or even self-structured Yoga classes!

Is Yoga teaching a career option?

Yoga is a way of life! Anyone who practices yoga can help others to learn the art. But when you are a Certified Yoga teacher you actually have the right guidance, discipline and inner insights of the art which you are able to serve others with. Being a Yoga Teacher, you can provide learnings to others and even transform the love for the art as your career. Today the world needs more resources for their fitness, health and healing and thus in this time when a person is able to pass on the learning of the old age therapy and make their life better – it’s a kind deed.


India and the world are evolving with more number of people practicing and teaching yoga which is only making people more aware of themselves, their health and fitness and defining a peaceful way of life. Yoga teaching is a good career option in today’s time to inculcate a better way of living, a happier mental state and of course practice of an art which the teacher enjoys themselves!


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