Is There An Age Limit For Practicing Yoga?

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October 2, 2017
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October 2, 2017

I have heard people declaring that it is too late to start doing yoga now. People in their 50s usually tend to dishearten themselves over the fact that they are not youth anymore, and they cannot start doing things that they could have done when it was their time. You need to understand that it is always your time.

That is what yoga teaches us, to believe in ourselves, and to know more about our body and our mind, and what is it capable of. There is no age limit for yoga. No matter how old you are or how young you are, you can practice yoga

Yes, it can be difficult for people who have not done yoga before to start doing yoga in their 60s. That is because your body is not built that way, it does not have the same flexibility as a body of a yogi has. But that is no reason to be discouraged. If your body is healthy, and you know you can handle it, you can start doing some simple and easy stretches and see how your body handles them.

My personal opinion is that starting yoga in later age is an excellent option if you want to stay fit. When we are in our 50s, our bones begin to grow weaker, and yoga can help them stay stronger. But you need to realize that only doing yoga will not be enough; you also have to take care of your diet as well.

Following are some precautions that you can take while practicing yoga:

·         The first and foremost thing to do is to consult your doctor If you have any medical condition consult your physician as well as your yoga instructor. In many cases, yoga helps with diseases, but many conditions can be worsened by doing yoga.

·         If you think you are old, and you cannot sit on hard surfaces, because of the soft bones, you should perform yoga on a comfortable and smooth surface. Also, make sure that the surface is not slippery.

·         Follow one instructor. And that is because every instructor has their separate way of teaching and performing yoga. Changing your teacher or instructor means changing your yoga style in the middle of the course. That can be harmful to you.

·         Do not practice yoga if you are drunk, or even if you are feeling a little dizzy. You can fall or stretch too much or can hurt yourself in any other way. It is always important to active senses before starting yoga.

·         Another critical thing to keep in mind is to breathe while doing the poses and stretches. If you are doing the stretches, and you are not breathing in a manner or holding your breath, you can get dizzy. Breathing in the normal sequence is important.

Remember that yoga is all about connecting with yourself, and to be aware of yourself even more, but still, a right posture is necessary if you want to be successful in it, and if you want to stay healthy. Just remember that you do not have to force yourself into anything. Do not push your limits if you are in your later age. It can be dangerous for you. Yes, age is not a restriction, nor is your body type. Do not try to learn advanced techniques without learning the basic one that is nonsense and harmful. If you are in your 60s, it is not advised to go for more sophisticated and advanced practices, just stick to the basic ones as they will do as much benefit as the advanced ones.

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