Know how to breathe in Ashtanga yoga

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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017


This breathing procedure of Ashtanga yoga combines with Vinyasa and positions to enable a free flow of blood circulation. Legitimately, the Ashtanga yoga profoundly influences the body and makes it relaxed. Hence breathing is a major factor that serves Ashtanga yoga. If breathing methods are not proper, then the yoga becomes partly useless. So let’s discuss the correct of breathing for Ashtanga yoga

Breathing techniques for Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga breathing cannot be compared to normal breathing. While practicing various postures, you need to follow the rules for breathing as well. In normal breathing, the diaphragm expands downwards and shifts the lower abdominal organs which cause, the lower abdomen to move outward. But in Ashtanga breathing, ribs undergo very less movement while the abdomen does most of the work.

During normal respiration, the lower abdomen displaces the lower organs which do not happen in Ashtanga yoga. You need to contract your anus and lower abdomen so that the organs are pushed upwards and in the process lift your chest. It results in deep, consistent breathing and ensures a good amount of oxygen enters our body.

During exhalation, opposite happens. In this step, the diaphragm returns to its original position. Anus and lower abdomen need to be relaxed for the lower organs to move downwards. This releases the pressure on the chest, and air expels us properly. The inhalation and exhalation need to be performed in coordination with another body part to achieve your desired result. It’s crucial to practice this breathing singularly before going for yogas and postures so that you get the practice of the breathing. You can use to in simple asanas before advancing to more challenging positions.

Now practice. You need to master the art of breathing before proceeding to learn the Ashtanga yoga. This technique will significantly improve your breathing coordination in day to day life as well.

The Quality of Breath

According to Ashtanga yoga, breathing is an integral part of the body which helps in expelling impurities throughout the day. Hence it is imperative to understand the importance of breathing and use it to dismiss more amounts of impurities at the same time; ensuring a high amount of oxygen enters your body system.

  • Breathing can maintain the quality of Ashtanga yoga, and the breathing quality can be improved by keeping consistent time gap between inhaling and exhaling.
  • Deep breaths are the central part of Ashtanga breathing. Casual irregular one does not hold the capacity of expelling a large amount of impurity produced throughout our body. Only when you properly coordinate your breath, you will understand the change your body undergoes within a few weeks.

The Benefits of Breathing Correctly

  • Ashtanga yoga enables your body to intake more oxygen and expel a high amount of impurity in the form of carbon dioxide. This results in healthier mind and body.
  • The Ashtanga yoga ensures smooth breathing also has a lasting impact on the nervous system. It helps to balance and bring more stability mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • This breathing has a pattern that is constant even during high emotional stress. While normal breathing starts getting irregular during nervous, excites or stressed environments, Ashtanga breathing tends to stabilize your irregular breathing pattern and does wonders during your stressful conditions
  • Breathing consistently in Ashtanga yoga lengthen and support the spine. It removes internal problems and improves mobility and support.

Breathing in Ashtanga has a direct connection to your health as it corrects improper breathing, deepens your breath, increases intake capacity and release capacity of oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively. Hence, keeping the proper practice of Ashtanga breathing before moving on to yoga is crucial.

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