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Take Charge Of Your Life With Yoga
October 2, 2017
Is There An Age Limit For Practicing Yoga?
October 2, 2017

Yoga changes your life, and you can feel that change in you. One way or another every person who does yoga feels empowered with it.

Yoga restrains the power of transformation. It is not the kind of transformation one might think it is. It does not change you entirely or make you a better person than you already are. Yoga eliminates the obstacles that hinder you from becoming who you are. Yoga brings your true self. We become what we were before negativity, stress, and anxiety took over.

When we say that a yogi lives a better life than a person who does not perform yoga, we mean that a yogi is more satisfied with what they have. You do not have to be rich to live a good life; you just have to be satisfied and successful. And success means different things to different people. A yogi knows what is important, and what is just a wish that is going to come in another form after completion.

Why become a Yogi?

There are diverse reasons on why you should start practicing yoga. The most important thing is that a yogi can make better decisions than a regular person. It allows you to choose more constructively rather than to choose destructively. The reason behind it is that it teaches you a manner. Think about it, isn’t it all about intention? If you do not have the intention to do something, no one can make you do it. When doing practice yoga, it is because you want to, and you set apart some time from your schedule to do so, you breathe in a manner, and you move in a particular way. And when your mind is fixed in yoga, it becomes more deliberate in your life and become even more mindful.

These are some of the qualities that a yogi suppresses. But now you must be asking yourself, can I become a yogi, and the answer is YES!! Anyone can. A yogi is the one who not only abides by the laws made by humankind but also lives by the spiritual principle which is closer to nature and universe itself.

If you want to be a yogi, the first step is to clarify your soul with the help of yoga. We need to understand that only having positive thoughts does not make everything better, acting upon those thoughts does. A yogi does not only possess the positive thoughts they act upon those thoughts. Yoga is all about control; it is about recognizing yourself and realizing how can this self-be contained. It is all about controlling your mind, your thoughts, your body, your breath, and your life.

A yogi can channel thoughts through their body, mind, breath, and spirit. We often misunderstand yoga with exercise. The yoga is meditation in of itself; it helps us see more clearly, and interpret things more cleverly.

If your goal is to be a yogi, you have to be more concerned with the lifestyle of a yogi, and meditation part of the yoga. You can exercise, but if you are not bringing your mind with you in that exercise, your exercise has no meaning at all. Sure, it will be beneficial for your body, but by no means, it will make you a yogi.

You must understand that life is only given to you once, all you have to do is live it the way so will not need another. It may seem like a vague statement, but it is not. When you are aware of yourself and know what choices to make, you rarely have a regret in your life, and having no regrets indicates that you are living your life to the fullest.

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