Misconceptions about Yoga Around the World

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October 14, 2017
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Yoga is a highly versatile practice. There are so many practices and routines and one particular routine may not suit all. In the presence of such varied practices, misconceptions are also common. One is destined to fall prey to one or the other misconception. If you are a yogi or an avid learner, you must have found out that yoga is all about healthy body and mind. It is a way towards inner peace and spirituality. Let us look at some common misconceptions about yoga and understand the reality behind these.

  1. Yoga is for people with flexible body

Most of the time, we come across some difficult yoga poses performed by experts and end up assuming that one needs to be highly flexible or skinny to perform yoga. Yoga comprises not only asanas but also breathing exercises and meditation. People of any age and size can perform yoga, but with suitable guidance. However, not every aspect of yoga can be performed by everyone.


  1. Yoga is a type of physical exercise

If you dig in deep, you will know about the eight limbs or steps of yoga. Asanas or physical poses are only one of them. The rest is about breathing, behavioral discipline, and meditation. Yoga is performed not only for physical fitness but also for a stress-free life.


  1. Yoga is time consuming

Generally, people are resistant to practicing yoga as they think it is time consuming. The truth is that the time taken for 20 to 30 minutes of walk is good enough to practice yoga daily. Ten minutes of asanas, pranayama, and meditation every day is enough to lead a healthy life.


  1. Yoga means life style change

Yoga does not imply changing your eating and other daily habits. In today’s busy lifestyle, practicing yoga is easier than refraining from daily habits. To practice yoga, you need not quit drinking or non-vegetarian food. In fact, you can practice yoga in between your office timings. Yoga will empower you with a healthy body and mind despite what you eat and when you sleep.


  1. Yoga can be learnt from anybody

We generally look forward to people in our vicinity practicing yoga, as our teachers. We think that anyone who knows yoga can teach us the same. Yoga is no physical exercise but an amalgamation of breathing technique and concentration along with postures. Every pose demands a breathing technique and certain level of concentration. For best results, yoga should be leant from certified professionals and then only practiced individually.


No lifestyle background can bar you from practicing yoga. There is some form available for everybody. Practice yoga to lead a balanced life. For absolute results, yoga demands commitment. Benefits and results can be achieved with regular practice. Practice yoga indoor or outdoor, as per your convenience and see the results for yourself.

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