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A beginner’s guide to teaching yoga!
November 25, 2017
A beginner’s guide to teaching yoga
November 25, 2017

A first timer at a yoga studio and you don’t know what preparations you need to make before you step into your classroom which already has people who know all the yoga poses and yoga etiquettes, so we will ease it out on you by explaining to you how you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Yoga isn’t just limited to your body and mind, it is something that soothes your soul and should be performed with utmost discipline, concentration, and respect. There is not much of a long list but a few which are important and will prove beneficial once you visit your first class.

  • Practice basic poses at home: Not the difficult poses you see on Pinterest but the ones that are basic and can be done by you easily so that you understand the way and once you do it in front of your teacher you will be more comfortable in performing the pose. Learning something beforehand is good even if it is not that perfect, at least then you can show something you know and the rest will be handled by your teacher.
  • What to eat before a Yoga session: Eating before you leave for your Yoga classes doesn’t mean that you need to be on a full stomach. But you also cannot walk into your classroom on an empty stomach because that affects your health as you perform difficult exercises. That is why a person needs to fill his stomach with small snacks, that is a banana, curd, nuts or date palms etc.
  • Learn a few Yoga terms: A teacher when talks about different poses and is referring one before he shows them to you, he generally does it in Sanskrit, as that is where Yoga poses have formulated its name or essence from. So, for the ones who aren’t familiar with such terms, need to Google a few and the rest can be taught by the teacher too. At least try to learn the names of the basic yoga poses.
  • Breathe: Please don’t stop breathing while you are holding a pose for its assigned time as that won’t help you in holding the pose, breathing deeply definitely will. Keep breathing as you keep performing several poses as intake of oxygen in maximum quantity helps in increasing blood flow level and you can do all the exercises with much ease.
  • Stay Hydrated: Don’t have coffee or tea before your yoga classes, instead have plenty of water as staying hydrated will originally help you to keep your heart rate under control as it paces up while performing difficult exercises. Keep drinking water in between too if the need be so carry a water bottle to your class.
  • Towel and Mat: One must carry a yoga mat with himself or herself and if you haven’t bought it yet, ask it from your Yoga studio if they can let you use for some days on rental or maybe they provide their students with one. The second important thing you need to carry is a towel as sweating is a natural process especially when you are doing a physical activity. A towel will help you wipe off your sweaty hands and face and maybe for showering purposes.
  • Clothes: Wearing clothes in which you feel comfortable to move and stretch should always be chosen by a yoga student. Wear light clothes so that you feel less hot and you will be sweating after a good session so a cloth that allows you to breathe and allows a good amount of air to pass is important.
  • Don’t be late: If it is your first day of your yoga class, kindly don’t walk in late as that gives a bad impression. Instead, go 15-20 minutes before a class starts and find yourself a comfortable corner and introduce yourself to the teacher. Moreover, latecomers are often not allowed inside because that kind of breaks concentration of people who are already attending it for a long time.
  • No Technology: Unlike a gym session, yoga is never performed with music or in presence of technology. As always being referred to as spiritual activity, it desires peace and only peace, also in peace, you find the concentration. So, any technological gadgets are not entertained inside the classroom. In case you are carrying your mobile phones, you need to make sure they have been put in silent mode or switched off.

To perform you need to put yourself to peace subtracting all your stress, tension and worries for the time being because if you want to feel a change in yourself, you need to perform well and to perform well, you need to prepare equally well. Yoga has been in existence since ancient times, it has only resulted in good and never towards bad so you have to prepare yourself to that level where you deliver the good.




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