Qualities for being a good Ashtanga yoga teacher

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November 25, 2017
8 Qualities Which You Must Have In Order To Be A Great Yoga Teacher
November 25, 2017

Taking up Yoga and practicing it for your good can be a good choice for yourself, but when you embark on a journey to be a Yoga teacher – it takes more than just perfect poses!

Not all people who switch up to Yoga are able to make for the Ashtanga Yoga sessions let alone to being a teacher in this field. While we mostly believe that being an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher is all about being passionate about the art, willingness to be of service to others and empowering them with the knowledge that you possess – there are certain qualities which differentiates a good Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from the regular teachers.


In a Yoga Student’s life, it is always their Guru/Teacher who seems to have a big impact on their life making them excel in the Ashtanga Yoga poses. Along with just the art, they teach them principles and values which inculcate the qualities of being a good Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Some of the qualities that good yoga teachers possess are:

  • They are students first

Every good teacher is a student first ready to embrace all sorts of new challenges, new perceptions and of course teach their art in a new way. A good teacher isn’t someone who is the master at Ashtanga Yoga but someone who knows a fair share of it and has all the experience and willingness to share it with others. It is a continuous learning process that they adopt. While teaching their students their share of knowledge they try to learn new things, adapt to the changing environment and take in knowledge through everyone.


  • Authentic and passionate

This is one of the qualities that distinguish a great teacher from the normal teachers. Ashtanga Yoga is an art which makes a person practice the poses, connect to their soul and have a life-changing experience. A real teacher practices daily and has his life based on the learning that he has achieved in the course of his journey practicing the Ashtanga Yoga. It is his passion and authentic practice of art that makes him a teacher with a desire to bring in life-changing experiences in others. The sheer intention of culminating art and preaching art is what distinguishes them.


  • Patience and dedication

A good teacher will always be patient with their students. They will believe that their students are still learning and have a long way to go before attaining the enlightenment. It is the patience of the teacher and their dedication towards bringing the best for their students that makes the art transform from a taking to a giving! A good teacher will always ensure that they give you enough time, flexibility and freedom to love the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.


  • Discipline with freedom

A good teacher knows that enforcing the lessons on their students will never get its way. Therefore, they always follow a path of discipline followed by a little freedom to allow students to get comfortable with the Ashtanga Yoga knowledge while bending their own way into learning. They will give you the required freedom of preaching the art your way but only limited to the discipline needed to learn it with diligence and commitment.


  • Non-competitive

A good teacher does not get affected by praise or shaming. He does not have a competitive view or authoritative way to their knowledge it is always about the profound happiness that they feel within. So, when the teacher faces another great teacher he does not feel humiliated or pride-ridden, instead, he stays happy and content with the knowledge he possesses and is always willing to learn and teach more. It is the non-competitive but learning quality which brings out the good in them.


  • Be of service

Being an Ashtanga Yoga teacher is not about being the most certified and the greatest master of the art, it is about the willingness to serve the society and enlighten other minds with the amount of knowledge they possess. A good teacher will always think of ways in which they can pass on the vast knowledge that they have acquired in the form of learning to their students, fellow mates, friends, and family. People who have learned Ashtanga Yoga and are wary of letting others know of the symbolic knowledge they have – aren’t teachers.


While a good teacher leads by example, takes in all your bad qualities, makes you correct the poses, heals and stands by you in the journey of the learning of Ashtanga Yoga – it is actually their dedication, willingness and profound knowledge which makes them authentic, contented and calm. A good Ashtanga Yoga teacher will not only teach you the art of following the routine, practicing the asanas well and develop a belongingness but will also teach to respect your art and others!


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