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Best Tantric Yoga Teacher in India

Learn from one the best Yoga Tantric Guru in India, Rakesh Ranjan

Asana and anatomy systems of Tantric Yoga

Learn about the Shaiva-Shakti Culture and learn their meditation and asanas

Flexibility of Hours

Choice of 200, 300 and 500-hour teacher training program courses

Self-Healing Yoga

Heal yourself from within and practice the Shaiva-Shakti Yoga for self-awareness and relationship problems

Yoga Breathing, Celebration and Nirvana

Practice of asanas, kriya, pranayama, meditation etc. in Tantric Yoga Poses to experience calmness in breathing while celebrating your life with utmost nirvana

Certification from Yoga Alliance USA and UK

Internationally recognized degree from Yoga Alliance USA & UK to take the career further

Retreats for living Tantric culture

Under the guidance of the guru and a Yogi lifestyle – perform yoga under controlled injury free and enriching surroundings.

About Us

Rakesh Yoga School is a Yoga retreat center which is located away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Finding its way into the peaceful and magnificent beauty of India, the Goa campus of the Rakesh Yoga School is a mesmerizing blend of captivating scenic beauty, enriching lifestyle and heaven like feel of the surroundings. The institute was established by Yoga Guru Rakesh Ranjan whose aim is to serve the society with the accredited knowledge he has about different forms of Yoga, Asanas, Meditations, Kriyas, Mantras and Tantric knowledge. His personality is the motivator which boosts the well-being of his students on the campus and brings light to the spirit of knowledge.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a classic form of Yoga which is known to provide reintegration with the wholesome. The Yogic poses asanas undertaken in this type of Yoga majorly concerns the practice of art with a wholesome perspective. This means that unlike the other forms of Yoga this does not ignore sexuality. In fact, the Tantra Yoga helps you learn the spiritual science behind your being and brings you in alignment with the wholesome spirit helping you experience an optimized living. With religions actively repressing sexuality, there are bound to be anomalies and inadequacy for which there isn’t any cure in other forms of Yoga. Tantra Yoga, however, addresses sexuality as sacred through the understanding of the Shaiva-Shakti culture and tradition helps one experience an optimized wholesome living.

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Tantra Yoga Teacher Training In India

Our Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is a perfect teaching of the Yoga practices of the Shaiva-Shakti tradition. With an insight of the Yogi life, the theme of the teacher training course (TTC) is to learn the art of teaching yoga. The teacher training programs have been distinguishingly designed so that it helps the student learn from a wholesome perspective. With practice of the asanas, mantras, meditation and the spirituality involved with the Tantra Yoga a solid foundation of knowledge is formed. Fighting with the anomalies and suppression adapted by the society, this Yoga makes you sexually aware and experience the power of it as sacred! Our focus mainly lies into teaching to harmonize, self-identity and the I-perspective vision!

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Techniques, Training And Practice

Course Syllabus (The Yoga Alliance recommendation)

Rakesh Yoga School recognizes and follows teachings according to the syllabus which is set up by the Yoga Alliance of US as well as Yoga Alliance Professionals (Earlier called as Yoga Alliance of UK). Being a Registered Yoga School (RYS200) we incorporate the following schedule:


Our teaching reflects a unique style of learning. We help build an environment around you which preaches truth, learning and adapting of sacred feelings. One is able to get the insights of the Shaiva Tantra and a thorough learning of the Shaiva-Shakti Tantra to understand that indeed complexities of lives can be solved with spiritual learning.

We help you process your thoughts, mind and soul to incorporate sacred feelings inside you. When you are able to embrace the divine light of knowledge which pushes off the limitations and repression – you are able to form an understanding of wholesome sacred living.

We help you practice the kriyas, mantras, asanas, bandhas, pranayama in the sacred and meaningful understanding.

We focus on making you aware of yourself and learn the methodology of practicing Tantra Yoga. Here you are able to get a grasp on several aspects like:

  • Alignment of the body with the basic concepts
  • Practicing with the props you work asanas on
  • Workshops on showcasing of ideologies, asanas and spirituality concerned with Tantra Yoga
  • Quality and practice of being a teacher helping you conduct a class
  • Learning to build the business of being a Tantra Yoga Teacher in the Web Marketing era
  • How to conduct LED Yoga classes of Tantra Yoga with your personal touch

Learning the anatomical functioning of the body and the physiological effects of performing the Tantra Yoga! You are thoroughly guided on subjects like

  • Proper application of physiology and anatomy to practice healthy Yoga
  • Muscular-skeletal system knowledge which focuses on ligaments, joints, bones, ligaments as well as stimulations of muscles and nerves.
  • Simple anatomical overview study of the body structure
  • Attention on energy, chakras, and breathing power

A healthy Yogic life insight and schedule is provided for the students to practice and learn the art of living a Yogi life. With special learning taken from Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Meditation, yogic scriptures and more the students are made to adopt the positive learning and lifestyle secrecy that have been practiced by enlightened Yoga Gurus. The students are required to follow a routine of Yoga Ethics which is important to learn the fine art in its inception best!

Practical learning of the asanas, teaching mechanisms and practices is made to teach the students how to:

  • Lead the Tantra Yoga series class
  • Teach specific tantra yoga asanas
  • Conduction a LED Tantra Yoga class with personal touch
  • Train students and enlighten them with knowledge
  • Begin with a Tantra Yoga career

Rakesh Yoga School aims to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge with strict follow back tests to get the optimum knowledge. Hence submission of daily and weekly assignments takes place which pertains to the lectures conducted, learnings developed and assessment of the enhancement of the knowledge. Examination is undertaken at the end of the course to evaluate one’s teacher Training Course knowledge.

The Teacher Training Course completes after the Certification of Completion is awarded to the student. This certificate is required to be uploaded to the Yoga Alliance USA or UK website with a certain registration fee for the student to become Registered Tantra Yoga Teacher (RYT 300 or 500).

Weekly Program

  • Journey into the Tantric Culture
  • Meditation – Relaxation of the mind, soul and body for preparation of learning and peace within
  • Sacred Meditation – Worship of god/goddesses with tantric mantras, mudras, pranayamas, meditation and offerings
  • Tantra Yoga – understanding of traditional philosophies with modern transformations
  • Psychology and Sociology of Tantra Yoga – Transform your life, awareness of the society, Psychological effects of Tantra Yoga, theory and practice
  • Ayurvedic Massage – Learning, receiving, providing
  • Practice of asanas, kriya, tri-dosha balancing etc.
  • Kundalini Yoga practice with pranayama and bandhas to optimize self-awareness
  • Weekly chanting sessions


A comfortable accommodation is provided to students on sharing rooms and non-sharing room basis which includes hot water shower, western toilet and attached bathrooms.


24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity is available for the students on campus!

Course fee

The Course fee is provided for in the TTC Dates and fees page with thorough explanation. A fee towards the booking amount i.e. 300 USD (included in total amount) is due right after the application has been approved. This payment can be made online via Paypal/bank transfers as a non-refundable payment. The complete fees need to be paid in the form of Cash at the Rakesh Yoga School or transferred directly into the bank before your arrival. The student has the option to pay entire amount in advance too. Booking fee, registration fee or accommodation fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable. The fees quoted on the website are final and has no links to any third-party website. For student safety, it is recommended to confirm the course fee before booking.

Inclusions in your course fee

Entire course fee provided by the students includes the study material, TTC manual, 3 vegetarian meals per day (except Weekends) and also the accommodation. Students have the option to cool their food themselves for which a part of the fees is levied off from the arrangement. The airport pickup and drop facility is available to and from the Goa Airport which is not born by the school.

Course Program

Date Course Place Course Fee Application date
01.12.17 to 07.12.17 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

7 day program

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01.12.17 to 14.12.17 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

15 Day Program

Goa Apply Now
01.01.18 to 07.01.19 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

7 day program

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01.01.18 to 14.01.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

15 Day Program

Goa Apply Now
01.02.18 to 07.02.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

7 day program

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01.02.18 to 14.02.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

15 Day Program

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01.03.18 to 07.03.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

7 day program

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01.03.18 to 14.03.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

15 Day Program

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01.04.18 to 07.04.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

7 day program

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01.04.18 to 14.04.18 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

15 Day Program

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Tantra Yoga is a spiritual journey to find a route to self –awareness and wholesome life.

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