The dos and don’ts of yoga

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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017

Yoga gets you through a phase of relaxation as well as bliss. But there is a condition: only if do it properly. Yogis, through their physical training, they gradually learn to keep their minds in a peaceful state to have a perfect emotional and psychological calmness in whatever situation they are facing. Yoga is the only way by which you can obtain your desired health by spending only a few minutes per day. Therefore, it is crucial to have knowledge about basic dos and don’ts of yoga which we tend to overlook.

  • A Yogi should hit the bed They should be well rested and get up early in the morning for balanced performance.
  • Yoga practitioners should attend to nature’s call then they should wash the mouth and teeth, take a shower and start yoga on an empty stomach to have the best results.
  • Yoga should be done before bath.
  • Do your yoga on a flat leveled floor.
  • Try to do your yoga in places where tender rays of morning sunlight fall. It helps to rejuvenate your skin and health.
  • One should spread a carpet, a blanket or a clean cloth, sit on it and start yoga practice by facing north or east early in the morning, west or south in the evening
  • Haste or exhaustion must be kept at bay, If tired, he or she performs some easy, comfortable yoga
  • Maintain a single time for yoga every day
  • While practicing yoga, try to focus on your breathing and yoga more than your surroundings. It will help you keep calm throughout the day.
  • During the various asanas in Yoga, the impurities in the internal organs are brought towards the urinary bladder, after completing yoga, one should pass out the urine.
  • During yoga practice, if anyone feels use the toilet, he or she must go and attend to it immediately. If one feels thirsty, one can drink a little water as well.
  • If one sweats during yoga, he or she can slowly wipe the sweat out either with their palms or a clean cloth. It is optimum if it dries up automatically in the air.
  • One should follow a definite routine in yoga, i.e., meditation, pranayama and then asana.
  • Always lay on your back after doing postures. Relax for 3 to 5 minutes with relaxed breathing.
  • Try keeping slow but steady Movements in every case. Sudden movements should be avoided.


  • One should not practice yoga directly on the ground, on cement or mortar floor. It will cause sore back or a backache.
  • Women should refrain from the conventional asanas during pregnancy or menses. However, they can perform some specific set of asana during their days.
  • While performing yoga, do not hold back nature’s call, sneeze or a cough.
  • Don’t have a full stomach while performing yoga, wait for 2 3 hours before stepping in for yoga
  • Avoid bathing or drinking water immediately yoga. Wait for at least 30minutes.
  • If you have had an operation, stitches, C-section, etc. recently, consult your physician before doing yoga.
  • Avoid performing strenuous exercises after yoga.
  • Avoid practicing yoga in unhygienic places.
  • Yoga should not be practiced in stormy weathers
  • Avoid yoga during noon time or in the hot sun. It might leave you dehydrated

If all the steps are followed properly, then it is quite sure that a healthy environment can be maintained and you may get the best results out of your yoga. Many do not know or ignore these subtle rules about the restrictions in practicing yoga. Performing various poses without the proper training or guidelines can do more harm than good. Always make sure you are following everything correctly.

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