The Evolution of Ashtanga Yoga

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Ashtanga yoga helps the body, mind and soul of a person greatly. It is an amazing practice that evolves the minds of people of all ages as well as abilities. The practice of Ashtanga yoga started ages ago and the tradition is conserved even today. Nature might have changed with courses of time but the effectivity remains the same.


The way of learning Ashtanga yoga


It is best to learn Ashtanga yoga from an expert in the field. You can join classes of yoga to destress yourself from the regular mental turmoil and pressure. Towards the beginning of learning of Ashtanga yoga, the students need to breathe as well as practice vinyasa which refers to various movements for saluting the Sun. gradually, the students are taught the various standing postures followed by sitting postures. One or two Asana are taught at one point of a time. This is the standard order of learning which might vary from trainer to trainer and capability of the students. It is natural for any student to face difficulties, physical or others during the process of learning. In this case, the student needs to be encouraged to keep practicing. The trainer generally advises the students to keep focused on the standard process of learning. The student might also be suggested an alternative so that he or she can carry out the practice with greater ease.


It is to be kept in mind that after a certain period of time, the tradition which is practiced needs to be varied because every technique becomes limiting after prolonged practice and thereby limits the potential of any individual. However, you need to decide when the variation needs to be brought about. If you are not ready for deciding this, rely on your trainer to decide for you. Learn to think beyond and work beyond a single tradition and method or a single dimension.


The uniqueness of Ashtanga yoga


Each and every tradition of yoga is unique in their own special ways. Ashtanga yoga is no exception. Some of the key features that make it unique are listed below.

  • Ashtanga yoga is the only kind of practice in Yoga that helps in the development of flexibility and strength equally. All other methods in Yoga emphasize more on flexibility than on strength. So, this yoga helps greatly in striking a balance between mental and physical well-being.
  • Physical results are noticed faster when Ashtanga yoga is practiced as compared to all other traditions and methods. Ashtanga yoga helps in transforming the physical body by striking a great balance between strength and flexibility. Self-practice needs to be carried out five to six days a week to see the best results. However, there are times when the results prove to be negative leading to a massive loss in body weight and leading to mental rigidity. You cannot expect to be mentally flexible only by achieving physical flexibility! The key towards achieving a perfect balance and reducing the chances of negative effects showing up is to adhere to the sequences that are to be practiced in Ashtanga yoga. It is a general tendency to avoid postures which makes one feel uncomfortable or difficult. The flow needs to be kept intact otherwise there might be cases of injury as well.
  • Ashtanga yoga emphasizes greatly on practice by self which is not the case for other yoga traditions. It is to be kept in mind that self-practice is the most important step towards becoming staunchly meditative in the practice of Asana.
  • There are scopes for adjustments in Ashtanga yoga. However, the adjustments, if done forcefully or too frequently can cause injury. The practice can be communicated by the teacher with the help of their hands.
  • Ashtanga Yoga, unlike most other Yoga systems, follow the cycle of Moon. This yoga practice helps individuals to observe the moon days and see the effects of the moon cycle on their bodies.

Exploration of Ashtanga Yoga


The practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga are generally very consistent. For practicing five to six times a week, the practitioners also need to be pushy in the early years of practice. People who are more driven are generally attracted towards Ashtanga Yoga. The skinny individuals are seen to be attracted more towards this tradition because it is easier to carry out most of the postures if one is skinny. It is to be kept in mind that though Ashtanga Yoga has its own set of benefits, too much of it can cause real harm. One must be open for changes to occur during the process. This yoga is greatly suited for the modern generation of men and women. The series has changed a lot over the years and this pretty much helps in the evolution of Ashtanga Yoga for meeting the needs of the modern generation.



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