Things You Can Do After Yoga Teacher Training

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If you’ve just completed your yoga teacher training and wondering what to do next, here is a list of things that you can do. As your training comes to a close there will be important things to consider. This time is critical for new graduates as you weigh your options and decide what to do in your future. Completing the two-hundred-hour yoga teacher training is an amazing achievement. You’re probably feeling refreshed, inspired and empowered all at the same time. Soak it all in and decide if teaching is something that you will like to do in the future.


Here are a few tips for someone who has just completed or will soon complete yoga teacher training.


Settle back in

Students go through an overwhelming process of self-discovery and transformation while training to become a yoga teacher. Therefore, soon after graduating it’s important to take a step back and reorient yourself.


Get your certificate and create a certification folder

Programs for yoga teacher training will give you a certificate once you graduate. Once you get receive this, get it copied and you can even laminate the original certificate. Create a separate folder where you will store your certification, attendance records, and grades. To become a professional part of the yoga community you can even get certified in CPR in add it to your folder.


Maintain the habits from training

The teacher training program itself is not enough to develop yoga as a habit. So, remember to continue the regular practice of meditation, mindfulness, asana, pranayama and everything else that you have learned.


Set goals for yourself

Once you’re done with your training, it’s time to decide which direction you want your life to head towards. Whether you want to start teaching or to get a new job, make changes to your life or further your training, just set some goals for yourself.


Build a resume

Like applying for any job, you need to build a resume to become a yoga instructor. Create a comprehensive resume that includes your yoga training and professional experience. Include the school and classes of your training program. Add any continuing education units and details of where you’re assisting. Make sure to focus on your teaching style in the resume.


Register with Yoga Alliance

Check whether the school where you trained to become a yoga teacher is registered with Yoga Alliance. Then you can go online, submit your graduation information and register with them as a yoga teacher. This will give you exposure to an international network of training and instructors.


Get liability insurance

It is essential that you protect yourself by buying yoga liability insurance. Most studios will ask for a copy of this document while hiring you for a teaching position.


Decide on your teaching rate

Consider your value, cost and revenue need to decide on a teaching rate. Study the rates charged by yoga instructors beforehand. There is no need to decline an offer below your decided rate. As a new teacher, you need teaching experience and the rates will change as you gain more experience. Consult an accountant or a tax professional to set up a strong foundation for your business.


Start assisting

New teachers can start assisting classes at a local yoga studio to stay active, learn new things, get experience and extend your network. Even though you aren’t paid, you will gain from the experience and get credits. Add the information of your assisting details to your resume.


Don’t quit your day job

Becoming a full-time yoga instructor is going to take some time. Meanwhile, you should continue working alongside teaching.


Start networking

Talk to people and see if they need a yoga instructor or if they want to become your student. Visit studios and get on their sub lists or talk to teachers and let them know that you’re willing to substitute for them. This can bring you both exposure and experience. You can even try your luck at a gym where they might be looking for a yoga instructor.


Start taking classes

It’s best to start teaching as quickly as you can even if it’s for free. You can start with teaching your family and friends or at local community groups.


Create your own brand

Market yourself by printing out business cards, flyers etc. and spread the word that you’re available for teaching anyone that is interested.


Create a website

Although this is not absolutely necessary, having your own website gives you extra credibility. It also helps you connect with students.


Look for constructive criticism

Ask for honest feedback after taking a class of your family and friends. You can even consider filming the session.


Set up a regular practice

You can set up a studio at your home where you will practice yoga and take classes.



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