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Ashtanga Yoga Myths & facts
October 14, 2017
Why should you do Ashtanga Yoga?
October 14, 2017

In the Present scenario, Hot Yoga Techniques play a pivotal role in developing the inner mind, body, and soul of a person with ease.

Over the years it’s generally seen and believed that yoga studios around the world and temperatures are mounting sky high and they are providing a lot of hot-yoga style classes. In these yoga classes, students perform in sweltering heat different kinds of poses for 60 minutes where temperatures range from 900 to 1050 F. And the humidity also mounts in upward scale about 40%. In these classes, they teach a little bit unusual amongst the most uniformly accepted Bikram Yoga, which consists of a series of 26 kinds of postures. In between, there are two breathing exercises which are performed for at least 90 minutes in a room temperature soaring from 105 to 1150 with humidity levels touching 40%.

For those people who like to do hot yoga and choose to perform yoga in severe heat, thereby trying out kinds of postures and sweat oozing out from their body which also offers a serious physical challenge. By doing this yoga it encourages to maintain complete focus in the current state and stay associated with breath exhaling out. In spite of the scorching heat, it can be accessed as a psychosomatic test.

Though some yogis drift down to perform Hot Yoga Techniques, others prefer to guide clearance of these fiery spaces, also pointing concerns of dryness, extensive heat and heat stroke are all parts of soaring temperature.

Until now, there has been slight investigation focusing only on hot yoga, so the American Council on Exercise selected Dr. John Pocari, who is Head of the Department of exercise and games department at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. His experienced team recognized the staunch psychological opinions while performing yoga in intense temperatures.

Is it safe to perform Hot Yoga?

Now, this raises a question that whether or not this yoga is safe to perform.

  • Apparently, ACE which is sponsoring hot yoga is deeply focusing on how heart beat and the vital body temperature is immensely affected by this yoga practice.
  • Apart from just comparing non-heated yoga practice experienced researchers chose 20 strong, comparatively fitter persons comprising both males and females in age groups from 19-44.
  • A temporary outcome of fitness was recognized by using a treadmill-based VO2 max test, with ratings of apparent application. It can be obtained at the closing stages at a maximum effort using the 6-20 on Borge’s scale.
  • The subjects which are firstly taught in this 60-minute fundamental yoga class which is been held in a room with a temperature rising to 700 Before classes actually begin, each subject swallows a center temperature Ingestible vital Body temperature sensor which activates qualified persons who monitor inner body temperature.

In the whole class, and each subject is also wearing a heart rate monitor device in the overall experience. Nucleus body temperature was noted five minutes before class commences. Every five minutes inside the class and five minutes after class gets over. In the case of heart rate, it’s recorded each minute and the participant’s ratings of alleged application were jotted down at the winding up of the experience gained in class.

As we all know that it has become compulsory now for each person to perform yoga which helps their mind, body, and soul immensely. This topic taught us that doing Hot Yoga Techniques is better apart from daily exercises done. Not only it helps one’s body but also helps other people to take this activity seriously.

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