What Are The Chakras? What Does Each Chakra Mean? How Do They Impact Our Life?

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Chakras word has its origin from the Sanskrit language with its roots from Hindus. According to them, it means a wheel of spinning energy. The concept of chakras originated around thousand years ago.

In this power center, lies our consciousness governing various physiological, spiritual as well as emotional aspects. It is not a part of the physical body but a point where physical and spiritual consciences meet. Broadly, the chakras are of seven types. Two of them reside inside the head and rest five lives along the spinal cord.

The meaning of each Chakra:

·         The root chakra

It is located at the base of the spine. It is represented by red color. It provides strength to the body and helps in performing essential functions vital in one’s life. A person with open root chakra manages their finance and achieves success in short time. They can perfectly balance personal and professional relations.

·         The sacral chakra

Represented by orange color, is located below the naval. It helps in flowing energy between you and your loved ones. With this chakra open, a person enjoys sexual life as well as stay from drugs.

·         The solar plexus chakra

It lies between the navel and the sternum. It is responsible for decision making power and helps in achieving our goals. With open solar plexus chakra, one is more confident about his dreams and goals.

·         The heart chakra

It is located in the center of our chest. It helps in emotional balance and loving one’s self. If this chakra is closed, one finds it difficult to deal with tough times and handle situations.

·         The throat chakra

It is represented by blue color and is located in the neck. It helps in the free expression of thoughts and opinions. People with open throat chakra do not shy away in expressing strong opinions when they see injustice happening in front of their eyes.

·         The third eye chakra

It lies in the forehead and is responsible for imparting intuitive capabilities. Indigo color represents it. If open it helps in realizing people about their gut feelings and inner consciences.


·         The crown chakra

It is the last chakra and is located at the top of the head. Its color is purple. It helps in gaining spiritual accomplishment by enlightening our minds and thought processes. Closed crown chakra can have adverse effects on the mind. It may leave the person feeling directionless and jealous of others.

How do they impact our life?

The chakras have the important role to play in one’s life. They help in harmonizing mind, body, heart, and soul. They assist in enhancing decision-making abilities. The conscious portion of mind constitutes only 10 percent of the decision-making processes. However, the subconscious mind which represents 90 percent of the decision-making capabilities has to withdraw perceptions from the already gained experiences through chakras at the different situation. If not open, then these chakras can cause a significant impact on one’s life. Misbalancing in the energy of the first chakra leads to mismanagement of money related matters, paying bills, etc.

There will be the loss of decision-making abilities and natural powers. When one cannot realize the dreams or his/her aims, it would be tough to attain the success in life. These chakras impact overall stability to mind and emotional health. These chakras can be opened by regular meditation and visualizations. Wearing clothes corresponding to the chakras can also help in opening up of the chakras.

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