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Yoga is an activity that has a direct connection to the mind, body, and soul. It is mostly concerned with its principles and discipline that has been followed by generations after generations ever since it was originated in ancient India. Now for people who have little or absolutely no knowledge about Yoga, we think you guys have a lot of expectations, but you hardly know what will be the outcome. So, let us just explain you a few basic things you should expect because that is what you will get. They are as follows: –

Yoga Clothes: Now this is something you expect of what other people who have been training there for a long time than just your first visit would be wearing and what will be the appropriate dress. For men, an appropriate clothing will be baggy t-shirts along with comfy trousers whereas for women, we always suggest them to wear tight fitting tops as you don’t want others to notice (which people never do, but you think so) your stomach while you perform an inversion along with a Capri or full-length pants that are fitting so that your body structure is quite nicely revealed.

Yoga Gear: While you are visiting a Yoga Class for the very first time but you are not sure of what to carry with yourself. The very first thing you need is a Yoga mat, buy it for yourself or you can ask your yoga studio to provide you with one until you buy one. Though Most studios provide gears like mat, props such as blocks and straps. You need to carry a towel and water, a must.

Reach your class early: You should be mentally prepared that you will leave for your yoga class quite early and reach there at least 15-20 minutes before the class starts as this helps you to find a suitable place where you feel comfortable as you are a first timer so you wouldn’t like being spotted.

Take of your shoes & socks: Yoga studios do not allow shoes inside a class, and socks as well. Yoga is always practiced in bare feet, so pull off your shoes and socks outside the classroom as where it has been aligned to keep just where the rest keep.

Communicate: Reach early and communicate with your yoga teacher and tell her why you want to do yoga and what results you are looking forward to. Even the teacher wants to know whether or not you have had any previous experiences and if not any injuries which he needs to take care of. You are never supposed to talk to your teacher in between the classes.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and breathe: As you are very new to this experience so we advise you to never hold your breath while you perform any of the yoga poses, just keep breathing more deeply and it is not a big problem if you are unable to match your teacher’s breathing instructions as you are a learner. Right before you walk out for your yoga class drink loads of water as you need to stay hydrated after performing so many yoga poses, so keep drinking in between too if the need be.

Namaste: This one is a basic practice an instructor does and it is an age-old practice of greeting people around who have assembled to do Yoga by bowing down your head with both the hands folded which means the light within me bows to the light within you.

Om: A yoga session starts with concentration, that is the instructor asks everybody to sit straight with their eyes closed and chants “Ommmmm….” which is a longer chant and sounds soothing and peaceful while everybody says in a group.

Savasana or the Corpse Pose: This position is a relaxing position where everybody is asked to relax after his or her yoga session and is very much essential. You should never walk out in the middle of this position, even if you are late. You should always wait or walk out before.

Body Touch: A teacher is to be informed beforehand if you are not comfortable with the body touch and he or she will eventually respect and follow your decision. Generally, if a beginner or even someone who is a pro is performing a position in a wrong manner or if it can be performed more easily, then a teacher usually guides him or her through it that is where a human touch involved.

Leave your ego right outside the door: Don’t treat your surroundings as if you are in some competition with them so maintain a decency of respecting people around and expect the same positive energy back.



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