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The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about when to do yoga is the morning time. Morning time is the best time to do yoga. After waking up in the morning, freshen up and then go for yoga sessions.

It has to be done before doing breakfast. The next best possible time to do yoga is the early evening. The time around sunset is another perfect time to do yoga.  At the end of the day, the most important thing is to do yoga, be it anytime. It should suit you. You should not skip doing yoga at any cost.

There are three elements of yoga. These are yoga asanas, pranayama or breathing exercises followed by meditation. Yoga asanas can be performed at any time of the day. The only care you have to take in the notice is that you should do it after 3 hours of eating anything. Yoga asanas help in removing physical tensions after you feel tired or fatigued. But take care of the fact, that before going to sleep avoid doing vigorous asanas.

Pranayama or breathing exercise proves very beneficial when you feel mentally exhausted. Pranayama can also be done during any time of the day. It can be done after 2-3 hours after the meals. Even when there is no enough place for performing asanas, pranayama can come to rescue. Pranayama is a practice that must be followed after asanas. The sense of awareness must not be broken. Pranayama is a prerequisite for performing meditation.

Meditation can be done at any time of the day with the condition of you being mentally relaxed and stable. It will give better results if you do it after a gap of two to three hours after meals. Though these can be practiced during any time of the day for better results, practice yoga when the mind is more relaxed, and you are fully awake.

·         Choose a peaceful place where you could find mental calm, and there is no one to distract you.

·         Outdoor location is good but does not directly sit in the sunlight.

·         While doing yoga, try to focus on your breath rather than focusing on other things.

·         Do not force yourself into anything. If it is uncomfortable at any cost, just do not do it.

·         Always try to breathe through the nose. Remember the classic rule of eating through the mouth and breathing through the nose.

·         Jala neti or nasal cleansing is a practice to be followed if you have trouble breathing through the nose.

·         The practicing of yoga varies from individual to individual.

If you are suffering from any physical ailment, consult a physician prior doing any physical exercise. ·

Yoga is suitable for all age groups from kids to old.

·         Yoga should not be performed under the influence any drug or alcohol.

·         Focus and observe your breath carefully to get better results.

·         Avoid performing yoga during hot times as when we practice yoga. It generates a certain amount of heat which may lead to Pitta. So try doing yoga at transition zones of day and night.

·         It is important for you to live in the present. Yoga will help you in letting go of the things.

So at last, one can conclude that early mornings and early evenings are the best time to do yoga. But if you can do it at these times, then in spite of being idealistic, just go for any time that suits your routine and schedule. The gap of 2-3 hours after meals must be taken care of.

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