Why Is Om A Powerful Word?

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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017

We all have heard this word ‘Om.’ But, what is the meaning of it? What is it all about? Why we chant it while doing yoga, meditation and religious activities? What does it reflect? Why is Om a powerful word? The answer to all these questions lies in this mysterious word ‘OM.’

People usually misunderstand the meaning of this word. For a person who practices Yoga and Meditation for the betterment of the soul, mind, and body, it is very important to understand the real meaning hidden behind this little word ‘Om.’

Om is an indispensable part of Indian culture was first felt by ‘Yogis’ or ‘Rishis’ who meditated in ancient times. It is a Sanskrit word which was more about its essence than its chanting. When the feeling and experience of the essence of the word ‘Om’ shared by the people who felt it, people started chanting the word ‘Om’ to feel the experience and essence of it.

The experience and essence of this word are difficult to express in words. Om is a powerful word because Om is everywhere, Om is everything. Om is the seed of all this creation which we can see, feel, experience and which is beyond our vision and imagination. This little word ‘Om’ contains all the powers of this universe.

Om is a powerful word as Om is our past, our present, and our future. It is the beginning, middle, and end of this universe. When we chant ‘Om’ during Meditation and Yoga, it brings in our consciousness and awareness the objective reality of this world and body. Om is a powerful word as it makes us realize the truth of this physical world and our body. It brings into our consciousness the restrained impressions of mind, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of physical world and life.

1)     The A (aah) sound symbolizes the creation aspect not only of this universe but also of all the gross objects present within it. The sound of Aah represents the beginning of all the sounds of the universe. Alphabets start with this most common letter. This syllable helps us to have the experience of the existence of the self and this world through the activity of our senses. It connects us to our existence, the sense of the self.

2)     The U (ooh) sound represents the maintaining and positive energy of this universe and also the restrained impressions of our mind. Through this, we feel a connection with something greater and bigger than the things which we can see and feel through our senses. We gain the qualities like clarity, goodness, balance, and lightness. It symbolizes the illumination of knowing and wisdom which is pure.

3)     The M (mmm) sound unites the one with the awareness of consciousness of oneness. It symbolizes the transformative energy and the beliefs and thoughts that one holds in one’s being. It represents ‘Ananda.’ Silence and Anagata are the fourth sound which is beyond the verbal pronunciation. A person experiences the unity of all the three sounds i.e. (I exist, I know, I am blissful).

Om is a powerful word that’ why we chant this word while doing Yoga and Meditation. The reasons are:

·         It reveals to us the truth of our existence.

·         It connects us to our inner sense.

·         It vibrates the Crown of the Head which generates the positive energy in our body.

·         It purifies our body, soul, and mind.

·         It reveals to us the objectivity and material reality of this world.

Yoga and meditation classes begin and end with the three-time chanting of “OM.” Chanting ‘Om’ together in a group signifies the harmony of the souls which are filled with positive energy. It allows us to connect with our existence by putting worldly concerns aside. Om aware us about our existence.

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