Why Is Yoga Not An Exercise?

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October 14, 2017
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When we think of yoga, the first thing that comes to our mind is the inhalation and exhalation of breath. It is a way for meditating our minds to let go of the entire burden and the stress through breathing in and out.

Recently, new studies have been carried out, and according to these studies, yoga is not an exercise. Though the health benefits of yoga are endless, academicians say it is not a heavy training. Yoga is just a form of light exercise. It is equivalent to doing laundry, cooking or unloading the laundry. Let us try to evaluate how yoga is not an exercise. It is must to understand the difference between yoga asanas and practice.

1.     Yoga harmonizes breath

Yoga asanas are sometimes compared to exercises, but both of them works differently. The primary purpose of the yoga asanas is not building muscles and gaining strength. Repeated activities aim to increase muscle mass which is not how yoga asanas work. Yoga asanas aim to harmonize breath and mind.

2.      Yoga provides stability and steadiness

Exercises, on the one hand, increases heart rate and blood rate to the muscles whereas yoga, on the contrary, provides stability and steadiness to the heart and mind. Yoga is one form of light exercise which does not put any stress or burden on respiratory and cardiac systems. Hence, yoga is not any exercise. While doing exercise, one inhales lots of oxygen rather than doing daily routine activities. Yoga asanas tend to stabilize heart rate.

3.     Yoga decreases BMR while exercise increases BMR

Since yoga decreases heart rate and breath rate, therefore, it ultimately decreases Basal Metabolic Rate as well. However, use tends to grow Basal Metabolic as it increases heart rate and oxygen rate.

4.      Exercise burns more calories than yoga

As compared to yoga asanas, exercise burns more calories. You won’t find crunches or pushups in yoga class. Heavy exercises and cardio burns more calories in comparison to yoga. So there is the comparable difference of food people can consume who exercise or do yoga. Individuals who do exercise can consume more food than people who simply do yogic asanas. Hence, it explains that why yoga is not an exercise.

5.     Yoga eliminates toxins from the body

Though we are well aware of the health benefits of yoga, there is one more to the list. Yoga eliminates out the wastes and toxins from the body. The exercises, on the other hand, accumulate toxins in the body. Yoga helps in optimizing the secretions from various glands like endocrine glands, adrenal glands, etc. This not only improves the overall health and body of the individual but stabilizes the mind and provides peace and serenity to the mind.

6.     Yoga provides spiritual insight

Yoga is not an exercise as it emphasizes more on mental wellness. There are a number of the other health benefits, although they are secondary which include health and mental strength. The initial purpose of yoga was solely spiritual, but these days yoga is being practiced for the overall development of the body.

Yoga is the light form of exercise like cooking, gardening, etc. It cannot be compared to the heavy form of exercise like running, skipping rope, etc. Through yoga asanas, one can achieve and gain stability for the higher form of yoga practices like meditation, Samadhi, etc. It is just a process to let go of the things. It is a kind of training to increase the concentration power of your brain thereby enhancing mental stability. So, now we can say why yoga is not an exercise.

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