Why Should You Practice Yoga Barefoot?

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September 27, 2017
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Has this ever happened to you that you enter your yoga class with total enthusiasm having all your yoga gear in place and feeling proud to begin a new fitness routine, then suddenly the yoga instructor asks you to remove your new exercising shoes, because hey! It’s yoga and not your regular exercise or aerobics.

Has it ever crossed your mind why the instructor asked you to remove your socks and shoes at the first place before you enter the yoga session class? Well, historically speaking, Yogis have always performed yoga barefoot, and this might have come from there. But, the studies have shown that performing yoga asana barefoot has its share of benefits that bring enlightenment to your yoga session.

Below are some of the benefits of performing yoga asanas barefoot that you would have never known before:

It strengthens the feet

Performing yoga poses barefoot gives you an opportunity to give some stretch to your feet that help in further strengthening them. The shoes we wear all day make the small muscles in our feet inactive, but an hour long session of barefoot yoga brings some activity even to the tiniest muscle in your foot. This makes your feet healthier and stronger.

It helps to do the yoga poses rightly

Maintaining balance while doing yoga is necessary. Thus it is important that your feet should touch the ground. For doing yoga asana, it is important to have a solid foundation, and in this case, your feet are your foundation. It is easier to balance your body when you are on your foot as compared to when you are wearing footwear. Also, while performing some yoga asanas, you need to get hold of your toe, which is not possible with your shoes on.

It massages the feet

Practicing yoga barefoot gives the much-needed massage to your feet. The moment your feet touches the ground the nerves in your feet start feeling stimulation. Then the nerve ending of your foot sends signals to the brain that helps your body figure out the perfect position and balance for a specific yoga asana.

It improves energy flow

Yoga is essential to bring unity between the mind, body, and soul so that you feel connected to the earth and the universe. When you perform yoga barefoot, your mind establishes a direct connection with the earth. It has been said that people who stay barefoot are more vibrant and energized as they soak up energy coming from the earth. This is also one of the reasons why it is essential to remain barefoot while performing yoga.

It cures diseases

Barefoot yoga also has an overall impact on your health and well-being. It helps in curing insomnia and brings relief from headaches. The barefoot yoga is known to boost one’s metabolism and also strengthens the immune system. Women who are suffering from PMS and another kind of menstrual problems also experience relief after performing barefoot yoga.

The connection that you establish with during barefoot yoga brings calmness to the body, which is further related to keeping the body energized and in the best possible physical and mental state.

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