Why You Need A Proper Attire To Perform Yoga

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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017

A lot has been said about the many benefits of yoga that primarily includes improved flexibility, high muscle strength, reduced levels of stress, improved concentration, weight loss and more.

But, before you get to see these benefits in real, has anyone ever discussed the basics that you must consider before joining a yoga session? What to wear to your yoga session or why you need a proper attire to perform yoga are the two most basic and usually unanswered questions that you must solve before dwelling in the world of spirituality and health.

Although, any loose and comfortable clothing will be suitable for performing yoga, keeping a few things in mind can save you a lot of embarrassment while keeping you in the top your comfort and style game.

Identify Which Yoga Classes You Are Taking

Your apparel style for yoga will be highly influenced by choice of your classes. Slim fit shorts, leggings and a body skimming tank look perfect for almost all kinds of yoga classes. But, if you are taking any restorative session like Yin or any other seated meditation style yoga session then loose t-shirts with pants will be a good choice. Keep the buttons and zippers to the minimum for all sorts of yoga classes as they might restrict your movement or hurt you during the practice. Opt for movable fabrics and elastic waists.

Avoid wearing super short shorts that might ride up while performing a posture. Also, women should avoid wearing low-cut tops as they might become too revealing when you are reaching for your toe or twisting. Wear a supportive strap bra to avoid any peep show.

Guys can wear shorts but must include a compression short underneath to avoid a peek-a-boo show again. You should also invest in microfiber towels specially made for yoga so that you can lay them on your yoga mat when it gets too slippery because of sweat.

Upside-Down & Slip Sliding Appropriate

For yoga classes that include a lot of standing or upside down turning poses an oversized t-shirt or a loose pant will not fit the bill. Your clothes must move with your while performing the yoga posture as a loose or distracting attire may become annoying and uncomfortable for others. Always carry a sticky mat for performing all sorts of standing and sitting asanas and yoga can never be performed with shoes and socks on, so do not wear them while practicing. However, you can buy specially made toe socks that come with sewn rubber grips to help you remain steady during tough poses.

Choose Fabric Wisely

Exercise clothes made from synthetic fabric are the best option for almost all types of yoga classes. They mostly use nylon or spandex which moves comfortably with your body and do not make you feel constricted. For a restorative or meditation class cotton attire would be an excellent choice.

At last, be mindful of the thickness of the clothes you are choosing as very thick classic sweats may make you feel bulky while practicing yoga. Thin leggings and shorts are the best choices for both men and women for a perfect yoga session

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