Why You Should Do Pranayama

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October 2, 2017
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Breathing is an essential part of yoga, and most of the yoga asanas that we practice include breathing exercise in some or the other way.

However, no matter how important breathing exercises may be, those who practice yoga do not lay equal emphasis on Pranayama as a dedicated breathing exercise. Performing a session or two of Kapal Bhati or Nadi Shodhona before or after the yoga session can help in channelizing the breathing pattern.

Once you start doing pranayama as a standalone exercise, then you will understand how healing it can be for your mind and body. To help you analyze the importance of pranayama further here are the benefits of pranayama that you can enjoy with just a few minutes of practice every day.

It Is As Important As Any Asana or Meditation

Pranayama is as important as your yoga asana session and meditation. In our bid to have an extensive and strenuous yoga asana session we often neglect this important aspect of yoga limbs. Despite its several benefits, pranayama is the most under-utilized yoga asana because of the lack of knowledge about its usefulness.

It Balances Energy And Stabilizes Mood

If you are looking for some immediate results to balance your mood, then pranayama can come handy for you. Whether you need to calm down your nervous system or just a need a quick energy boost to begin a new task, this breathing pattern can be of great help in doing both. Only a few rounds of pranayama every day for a long time can bring relief to a lot of health conditions like anxiety, insomnia, depression, lack of focus, stress and most importantly it improves self-awareness.

Allows You To Experience Mindfulness

Pranayama brings you closer to the insights that you might be missing in life with practicing yoga alone. It is easier to get the grasp of quietness, stillness, and subtlety with pranayama as compared to other yoga asanas. When you sit down for the pranayama, there is no other physical movement of the body, which allows you to concentrate on the inner qualities.

Can Be A Good Replacement Of Meditation

Pranayama offers similar feelings of presence as focus as you may experience during meditation, thus making it a worthy substitute of the same. If you want to calm down your always wandering mind, then pranayama should be your go to asana. It manipulates the breathing pattern in such a way that you can slip in meditation effortlessly. Performing long inhale and exhale activity can bring your mind to the right frame.

It’s a Good Break From Regular Asana

Yoga asana is a great way to keep your body revitalized, and they come with several benefits. But it is good to take a break from them once in a while and focus only on meditation. On those days, it is best to focus on pranayama to find both peace and balance in your life while giving your body a day off.

Are not these reasons enough to make you include a 5 to 10-minute pranayama session in your daily yoga routine?

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