Yoga Asanas To Have A Glowing Skin

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September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Do you want healthy and glowing skin which is brimming with brightness and shine that will make even the most beautiful girl in the room envy? Well, then you must first ditch all the chemical laden creams, formulas and treatments That You might be following to have a glowing skin.

Instead, you have to make way for something ancient and natural to bring that lost glow back to your skin.

No, we are not going to ask you to try those age old ‘dadimaakenuskhe’ from your kitchen. We would only tell you how you can make your skin shiny and glowing with regular yoga practice.

Now don’t be surprised because yoga has power and tendency to make your skin look healthy and supple apart from keeping your mind and body healthy.

Here, we will tell you three yoga poses to have great skin that you can perform on a daily basis to have a healthy and lovely skin that will outshine everyone else.

The Lotus Pose or Padmasana

Padmasana or Lotus pose is also referred as the sitting cross legged position and is considered to bring best results when practiced during meditation.

How To Perform Padmasana

•    Sit on the ground comfortably with your legs crossed and back straight

•    Place both your feet on your either thighs using your hands

•    Now place your hands on the thighs as well and sit with erected spine to form a meditation position

•    Hold the position for a minute while breathing deeply

If you want to do a variation of this asana then you can try doing Half Lotus or ArdhaPadmasana pose:

How To Perform Half Lotus or ArdhaPadmasana:

•    Sit on the ground comfortably with your legs crossed and back straight

•    Use your hand to put one foot on your opposite thigh

•    Now place the other leg under the opposite thigh

•    Both the hands should be on each thigh to form meditation pose with erected spine

•    Hold the position for a minute

The Corpse Pose or Shavasana

Shavasana or corpse pose is mostly performed to bring relief from a headache, but not many people know that this can help in having a glowing skin as well.

How To Perform Shavasana

•    Lie straight on your back with face up. Your legs should be closed but far enough not to touch each other

•    Gently close your eyes and start inhaling/exhaling slowly through your nose

•    Once you feel that you have reached the state of mental relaxation start relaxing each part of your body one by one

•    Stay in this pose for at least five minutes and then start opening your eyes slowly

Standing Forward Bend Pose or Uttansana

Those who are blessed with the flexible body can achieve wonderful results for their skin with Uttanasana.

How To Perform Uttanasana

•    Stand straight on the floor with your feet placed parallel to your hips

•    Your spine should remain erect

•    Now bend your body from the hips to the point you successfully touch the floor with your fingers

•    With every bent exhale slowly and try to relax while stretching to let the stress dissolve

The more stress will be relieved from your life the better the quality of your skin will get.  Additionally, the improved flow of oxygen will also give your skin a healthy glow that will reduce the need of using harmful chemicals.

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