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October 14, 2017
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October 14, 2017

All of us are aware of the health benefits of yoga. The importance of yoga at an even young age cannot be ruled out if it has to be maintained as a healthy habit during adult age.

It will act as the active and healthy foundation for the better future of the kids. There is easy yoga poses to help them out with challenging asanas. Children should be inspired in a fun filled way. Certain poses mimic the natural surroundings and hence can be taught with creativity.

Yoga is breathing in and out. The few basic poses for kids are as following:

1.     Sunrise/ Sunset pose

It is the most basic pose that would warm up for any physical activity.

The basic steps are:

·         Stand straight.

·         Take deep breaths.

·         Then along with the next inhale, lift arms above the head.

·         Press the feet against the ground, stretching the spine completely.

·         Then as you release your breath, bend towards the ground.

·         Repeat the process 5 to 10 times.

2.     Tree pose

·         Stand up tall.

·         Breathe in and out.

·         Press your feet against the ground and stretch your head freely against the sky.

·         Focus on one spot and concentrate.

·         Lift your right leg by bending your knee.

·         Stretch up the arms like branches of the tree.

3.     Boat pose

·         By balancing on butts, stretch the legs up like a vessel.

·         Imagine yourself as a boat in the rain.

·         Cat pose

·         Come to all the four leg positions

·         Round your back like a kitty

·         Fit the chin into the chest.

4.     Cobra pose

·         Lay back on tummy

·         Place your palms across the shoulders

·         Imagine you are a cobra

5.     Dolphin pose

·         Bend your elbows on your hands and knees.

·         Arch your back up.

·         Straighten your legs and flatten your palms

6.     Natural pose

·         Sit in a relaxed manner by crossing legs.

·         Keep your hands on the knees.

·         Keep your legs up the wall.

·         Lay straight on your back.

·         Raise your legs slowly in L-shaped manner.

·         Keep both the feet together.

·         Spread both the arms to both the sides.

7.     Resting pose or do nothing pose

·         Lie on your back comfortably.

·         Stretch out arms and legs properly.

·          Three legged dog pose.

·         Get on to all your four points like an animal.

·         Lift one of the legs in a V pose.

·         Keep on lifting up the leg in an alternative fashion.

Let us try to know the health benefits that kids would have by doing yoga.

·         Physical flexibility

By increasing the muscle endurance, yoga imparts flexibility in an efficient way. At the younger age, all the muscles will undergo a good built.

·         Improves balance

Yoga helps in maintaining a balance between mental and physical health. For example, by standing on one foot, the kid will gradually learn how to balance if he will fall and has to rise again.

·         Increases concentration

Yoga not only imparts physical strength and endurance but also improves concentration. It will make them learn things quickly and will help them out in their studies.

·         Self-confidence

When a kid successfully finishes up a yoga asana or a pose, he feels confident and gets a boost in his self-esteem.

So, by mimicking the natural environment, it becomes easy for them to learn yoga in fun filled manner. So it is going to prove beneficial.

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