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Yoga is an ancient science that contributes to holistic living. It is a spiritual way to live a relaxed life. During pregnancy, women encounter problems like mood swings, fatigue, sickness, and cramps. The overall result is stressed the physical and mental body. Prenatal yoga is designed keeping these changes in mind. It builds strength in our body parts like the legs and abdomen as a preparation for delivery. It aids in making pregnant women healthier and emotionally stronger.

Various prenatal yogasanas are as follows.

  1. Vakrasana

Sit straight with legs stretched in front. Place palms on the side of buttocks, facing downwards. Sit erect and bend the right knee. Inhale and put the right foot by side of left knee. Exhale, sit straight and turn towards right from your waist. Move head and hands to the same side and swing the arms back to the maximum. Inhale and take the original position. Keep the hands and shoulders parallel to each other. Repeat the same on the other side. It helps to strengthen the spine, hands, legs, and neck. The abdominal muscles are also given a gentle massage.


  1. Konasana

Stand erect and keep the feet 24 inches apart. Take the support of the wall. Keep the elbow straight and raise the right hand upwards. Take in a long breath and then turn to your left side. Exhale and come pact to the original position. Repeat the same on the other side as well. This asana increases the flexibility of the waist. It controls fat in the waist area.


  1. Bhadrasana

Sit down and stretch your legs. Sit erect, form a namaste by touching your feet without lifting the legs from the ground. Place hands on knees and stay in this pose for some time. Release the legs, stretch them and repeat the pose. It is used to strengthen the inner thighs and pelvic region.


  1. Parvatasana

Sit down in Sukhasana. Inhale, sit straight and raise your arms. Keeping elbows straight, join hands to form Namaste. Stay in this position for some time and then come back to original position. Repeat the steps. This asana improves body posture and relieves a backache.


  1. Paryankasana

Lie on your back with straight legs and knees together. At your posterior, fold the right leg at the knee. Hold the position for some time. Repeat the same on another side. Relax and repeat. This asana strengthens the abdominal, pelvic, and thigh muscles.


  1. Ukatasana

Stand erect with a distance of 12 inches between your feet. Inhale and raise your heels and arms to shoulder level. Slowly exhale and sit on your toes in the squat pose. Inhale and stand up on your toes slowly. Release and come back to the original position. This asana focuses on the thigh and pelvic muscles and strengthens them.

It is very important to perform all these asanas under supervision. If any asana induces any kind of discomfort then one should stop immediately and report it. Over all, all the yoga postures contribute to strengthening the pelvic region and releasing endorphins that keep the mother happy. These postures should be practiced regularly for any benefit.

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